Jersey Lace Pyjama Set For Hunkemoller

If I had my choice of attire, I think I would probably live in pyjamas. I like to be cosy and comfortable, and if my pjs look pretty too, even better. I am not a fan of styles with slogans on, I much prefer something simple and classic, something that is comfortable to wear, and still looks ok if you have to answer the front door to the postman. And that is why I am such a fan of the styles offered by Hunkemoller.

Hunkemoller sell a range of beautiful nightware and lingerie with styles to suit all tastes. I have worn their pyjamas for quite a while now (you can find a previous review here) and I love the soft jersey shapes that both wash and wear well.

The lace pyjama set is my current favourite as it looks more like a style that you could wear to lounge in, rather than just something fit for bedtime. I love the fact that the pyjama bottoms have a full elasticated waistband that makes them very comfortable to wear, even on those bloated days. The bottoms are full length rather than three quarter (another pet hate when it comes to pyjamas for me.) and there is plenty of stretch in the fabric due to the 5% elastane.

The top is super pretty too, almost too elegant to wear to bed with the lovely lace capped sleeves which give it a touch of glamour. The top is in the same stretch viscose/elastane as the bottoms, and is almost jersey t-shirt style in design, with non of the fussy buttons that can be such a pain if, like me, you can be a little restless in your sleep.

The jersey lace pyjama set comes in a wide range of colours including grey and red, but I loved the deep, rich blue shade which is a lovely, vibrant shade.

I think these would make a lovely Christmas gift for a wife or girlfriend, offering a lovely touch of luxury at bedtime.

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