Jessops Open New Concept Store in Sainsburys Oldbury

It is a sad time when it comes to photographs. The days when we ran to have our holiday snaps developed, clutching that treasured roll of film have long since passed, with photographs now destined to live in cyber space, on Instagram and Facebook, no longer placed in albums to be looked at and enjoyed by our and future generations. But photography giants Jessops are aiming to change all this, using their new concept stores to help us fall in love with our photographs all over again.

I was invited to the opening of the new concept store which is based in the Sainsburys supermarket in Oldbury town centre (it will always be Sava centre to me!). The idea of the new store is that it gives you lots of different ways to love and print your images, from fast development of photos from cameras and mobile phones, to prints that appear on canvas, cushions, mugs and photobooks. Many services can be done in the time it takes you to do your shopping, making it both quick and convenient. In addition, the stores have a range of photo albums, scrap booking ideas and interesting and beautiful picture frames to purchase that will showcase your images to perfection.

The store is pretty gorgeous, with all the machines very easy to use, and photographs that can be ready in as little as 25 minutes. I like that the staff are both friendly and knowledgeable, and can give you advice about the options for your photographs, for instance, I wanted to print a photograph onto a canvas  but the res wasn’t really good enough. I was given advice for better options and shown exactly how they would look so I could make an informed decision.

With a great range of Instax instant cameras that will appeal to those who love Instagram, and beautiful displays that show just what you can do with your photographic memories, I think the Jessops concept stores are going to be a great success and help us to once again fall in love with our prints.


10 thoughts on “Jessops Open New Concept Store in Sainsburys Oldbury

  1. I hope they open a store like this in my local Sainsburys as well. I love the Instapix camera and I have always wanted one actually. It gives you so many opportunities of creating small pieces of art.

  2. I really love the idea of this store! I so remember going to get the film developed and how exciting it was to finally see all the pictures. As great and fast as digital is, I kind of miss getting film developed!

  3. This is a really wonderful idea and it would be nice to see more of these stores open. Photos customized on items such as mugs and cushions are some of my favorites for gift giving.

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