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Jewellery Trends For Christmas 2022

Jewelry pays a big part when it comes to Christmas. Whether it be something that you are giving as a gift, or something you are gifting to yourself so you can wear it for party season, your jewelry choices say a lot about you and your style. Yeajewel a popular jewelry wholesaler site, has been looking at the key trends in jewellery for Christmas 2022, and I am going to share these with you today. These are trends you can incorporate into your wardrobe, or may choose to gift to a loved one.

Mexican Style Trends

Yeajewels sell Mexico jewelry wholesale and this is proving to be a very popular trend as we head towards the end of 2022. Why the trend for Mexican jewellery? Well, it is often bright and bold, with an ostentatious look that can make it great for Christmas party dressing. I love the gorgeous bright blue of the earrings below, and the geometric, almost 1980’s style shape help them make a real statement, even if teamed simply with jeans and a plain sweater.

But Mexican jewellery is not just about bright, primary colours. Filigree designs in the form of openwork sun, moon and stars have a slightly mystical feel to them, and would look great worn against a little black dress, or to adorn a plunge neck design.

Pearl Necklaces – Classic and elegant

Another really popular range from Yeajewel’s extensive collection is their wholesale pearl jewelry range. This is not really surprising. Pearls are a timeless, ageless jewel, one that can be worn by all ages, and styled in so many ways. It is also the birthstone for June, which happens to be my birth month, so no wonder pearls are my personal favourite jewelry item.

At Christmas, pearls work to add a touch of glamour and elegance to any look, whether you are teaming with a simple dress, or with a traditional twin set and pearls a la the debutantes of the 1940’s and 50’s.

My personal favourites are the earrings below which have a feel of 1980’s Dynasty. I can totally see Alexis Carrington wearing these!

Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel is a stylish and affordable metal to use for jewelry designs. Yeajewel is one of the top suppliers for Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry USA with great pieces for both men and women. Stainless steel jewelry, whether in silver tone, or gold plated, are great to wear as everyday pieces because of their affordability, but the designs can be great fun too.

My key picks in this metal are the Gold Plated Stainless Steel Zirconium Oval Pendant Necklace and the Titanium Steel Inlaid Zirconium Love Ear Studs. The pendent necklace comes in shining gold plate and features a beautiful coloured gemstone, it is a super pretty design that makes a great gift idea.

The Titanium Steel Inlaid Zirconium Love Ear Studs are so elegant, and would be a perfect gift idea for someone you love. These are beautiful studs, so could be worn every day and would be a good match to most outfit ideas.

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