June: Charity Shop And Vintage Buys

If you are still in the process of updating your wardrobe for the Summer, then take a walk away from the shopping centre and the High Street brands that have moved online, and instead think about shopping preloved. After being closed for months, charity shops have some fabulous things in store (everyone must’ve been sorting during lockdown) and you can find clothes, shoes and accessories at a fraction of the price of buying new. Similarly, people are sorting their wardrobes and selling unwanted (sometimes unworn) clothes on Vinted, and there are some major bargains out there to be found.

If you’ve never shopped preloved, you can get lots of inspiration on Instagram. Many people share their finds on there, and if you think preloved means old or musty, you will be pleasantly surprised – there are beautiful new clothes, designer labels and vintage treasures to be found. Many people now stalk clothing that they missed first time around in stores and find it on sites like Vinted, Thrift Plus and Vestiaire Collection.

If you’re still to be convinced, here are some of my most recent vintage and charity shop finds, along with a little info about them.

Jewellery Finds

The two bangles are from charity shops (Oxfam and Red Cross respectively, £1 each) while the stretchy Lola Rose bracelet was a Vinted buy. I got it with the green bracelet below, both for £12).

Two Lola Rose, the green was bought with the coral above for £12, the multi coloured was £7, also from Vinted. The green bangle was from Acorns Retail for £1.

Murano glass stretchy bracelet, £1 from Acorns, the peals are actually a vintage necklace worn as on my wrist and was found on eBay for £3.

Gold tone bangle with coloured stones was £1 from British Heart Foundation store, and looks great with my favourite Butler and Wilson bracelet.

The parrot scarf is Becksondergaard and was an eBay find for £11. The two necklaces were found in an antique shop called The Emporium, the bright pink was £6, the other was £1.

The mirror compact was £6 and the brooches were £1 each, also from The Emporium.

Clothing Finds

Skirt I showed in last month’s Charity shop post, £3 from Acorns.

Vintage Keynote jumper, £2 from Compton Care.

Vintage 1970’s M&S dress found in St Barnabus hospice for £8.

This gorgeous pink beaded bag was £3 from Sue Ryder, it still had the tags on which were in euros, so think this was someone’s unwanted holiday buy. One man’s junk and all that…

Red dotted dress from Next, £6 from Vinted.

Vintage skirt £2.99 from British Heart Foundation, white shoes £3 from Acorns.

Boohoo striped dress, £7 from Vinted, with those Acorns shoes again!

Vintage pink floral skirt £4 Acorns, pink beaded vintage necklace £1 Compton Care.

Vintage St Michael label, M&S 1980’s jacket, £1 Salvation Army shop.

Floral skirt, £3, Compton Care.

Pretty Shoes

Both of these gorgeous Summer shoes were found in Oxfam – neither were my size unfortunately.


Agatha Christie books are so expensive, even on places like Amazon and eBay they seem to hold their value, so check out the charity shops, these were all £2 and have some fabulous vintage covers.

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