Kate Middleton – why fashion needs a new Princess of style.

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This week the papers were full of speculation that we could have a royal wedding next July(the 25th to be exact), with Prince William finally popping the question to the lovely, long Princess in waiting Kate Middleton.

I think it’s great news that Kate could soon be Princess Katherine. She is such a stunning girl, a real show pony, with her glossy chestnut locks, lovely figure and a very pretty face. My friend Dawn once saw her in the flesh whilst walking along the King’s Road and confirmed that she was flawless, even more beautiful in the flesh.

She dresses pretty stylish too, with Topshop outfits rubbing shoulders with neat Issa dresses.

Wouldn’t it be good to have a real style Princess to fill the void left by the death of Princess Diana? Diana was a real style icon, from the early pie crust collars, veiled hats and Jasper Conran evening gowns, to her later Versace shifts, Chanel suits and show stopping black dresses. Her HRH days were a huge boost to British fashion, with her support of Bruce Oldfield, The Emmanuel’s, Belville Sassoon and Zandra Rhodes amongst many. Since her death, we have had to make do with our celebrity princesses, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Cheryl Cole being some of the biggest trailblazers for British style.

Kate Middleton has that horsey, middle class sensibility that is so loved by Luella Bartley. She has that healthy outdoors air combined with a girl about town look that could see her become a real force in British fashion circles if she was to become Princess Kate. And think of how good this could be for British designers, if there was a real Princess attending film premieres in real tiaras, or school openings in little jaunty hats, tea dresses and nipped in suits. We need Princess Kate to inspire a new chapter in British fashion design. Imagine a royal wedding dress designed by Marchesa or Alice Temperley. Let’s hope Prince William does the right thing!

Kate Style – a new Diana maybe?