Kate Moss: Back In Black

She is still the ultimate style icon, at 45 she shows no signs of giving up on that title, but watchers of Kate Moss’s wardrobe may have noticed a running theme through her recent style choices. Yes, Kate Moss is wearing an awful lot of black at the moment, and she looks, quite frankly, amazing.

Kate’s wardrobe choices have always been faultless, even during her time with the dishevelled mess that was Pete Doherty, at the height of the Cocaine Kate scandal, her wardrobe of tea dresses was impeccable, but it is also true to say that Kate’s wardrobe has also been one of colour, of chiffon yellow gowns, lots of flashes of red in the way of pixie boots and mini dresses, and there has also been the Kate’s favourite prints, with leopard print and snakeskin often leading the way.

But lately Kate has gone back to basics, she’s gone back to black. But rather than the look being gothic glam a la the early days of Angelina Jolie, Kate has gone for luxurious black fabrics of velvet, fur and silk to create a look that is glamorous and gorgeous, and totally covetable. The look is timeless, and seems to always be finished off with the highest of heels, whether that be boots or classic stilettos.

Kate isn’t the first goddess who has succumbed to the allure of black, whether that be from a head to toe look or the little black dress. Audrey Hepburn very often wore black, her most famous role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s had a variety of LBDs. Angelina Jolie seemed to wear it constantly during her early fame, whilst her rival Jennifer Aniston has worn a variation of the black dress on numerous red carpets over the years. But Kate’s choices are making the look fresh and current again, and have definitely had me thinking about adding some black to my wardrobe once again.

So, over to you. Are you a fan of black, or do you prefer your wardrobe to be full of colour and pattern?

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