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Kate Moss returns to the catwalk…and heralds the return of white in your wardrobe.

We’ve only just stopped talking about her last appearance on the Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton catwalk, the one where she appeared to be wearing support pants and was smoking a cigarette on National No smoking day. And now Kate Moss has returned to the Louis Vuitton catwalk, and this time it was apparently at her own request.

If Kate shocked on her last appearance, this time she just looked extraordinarily pretty. The Spring/Summer collection for Louis Vuitton is a frothy, candy floss confection of early 60s style dresses which were modelled on the biggest carousel Paris had to other. This was a sweet and girlie collection, that made the most of that  most misunderstood of colours – white.

So many people talk about how they can’t wear white unless they have a suntan, and that this is a shade that washes them out. It is often dismissed as clinical. Yet white can be the most adaptable of colours, looking cool in Summer, but also crisp on winter days. Think of Kate Middleton in the Winter coat that she seems to have been wearing for years, or Marilyn Monroe in her Sunray pleated dress, and you can see that whether you’re blonde or brunette, white has a place.

With Winter almost upon us, white could be the colour to make you stand out at that winter party, or the shade of choice for your coat, or maybe just the choice of shade for your accessories. With Selfridges having White Christmas as its Winter theme, this may just be the year that you choose to add a little white to your life!







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