Keeping Cool In Warmer Weather

The weather is absolutely glorious at the moment. Wall to wall sunshine that is there when we get up in the morning, and is not really cooling when we go to bed. It is great to just sit in and relax. Unfortunately, most of us can’t actually do that, due to work, school runs, and our general day to day activities.

The sun is great when you are on holiday, but what about when you’r not. It can feel tiring and draining, and frankly you can look and feel hot and bothered.

So what can you do to make yourself feel a little bit better and actually enjoy the weather?

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Think about what you are wearing.

I don’t think most workplaces would allow you to work in just shorts or a bikini, so clothing is something we really need to think about. Cool cottons and linens, that actually keep us covered up are comfortable to wear, still look stylish, and also offer us a little protection when we are out and about in the sunshine – it is a fact that cool thin trousers are much better for us to wear than shorts.

A hat or a cap are also a non brainer, particular if you have light or freckled skin that tends to burn, whilst a thin scarf could offer some protection for your shoulders if you do opt to keep them bare.

A Steam Shower is Bliss

When it is hot, a shower when returning from work, or before bed, is far more cooling and invigorating than a bath. An Insignia Steam Shower also has other properties that could be helpful, for instance, it can help with Asthma, something that can be exasporated in warmer weather when general walking and breathing can be affected.

When you take your shower, opt for refreshing wash products like lemon and tea tree that are both zesty and fresh. These will help you wash away the day.

Drink water and often

Dehydration is one of the key dangers when the sun is out, particularly when you are lying in the sun. You need to be drinking water often, so why not keep some bottles in the fridge ready cooled? The NHS recommends drinking smaller amounts of water more often rather than glugging on bigger amounts infrequently. Drinking water helps lower your body temperature and replace the fluid you lose through sweating so it is very important that you drink plenty and often.

Dehydration is also a common reason for insomnia, so it is important to keep hydrated so that we don’t spend the night tossing and turning.

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