Keeping Warm Whilst Keeping The Cost Down

It’s a lovely sunny day today. But while we are currently enjoying a few days that could be labeled ‘Indian Summer’. it has to be said that the same can not be said of the evenings and nights. Just a few nights ago my husband fired up the boiler with a view to turning on the central heating, but with fuel bills an ever escalating cost, we now also have to consider other ways to keep our homes warm in Autumn and Winter.

The Living Room

The living room is probably the room we spend the most time in, particularly of an evening when we are settling down to watch TV. When choosing our sofas, those made of soft furnishings and fabrics tend to be warmer than leather suites. If you do have a leather sofa, you can make this feel warmer and cosier with the additions of blanket style throws and large scatter cushions. Throws in particular, can also extend the life of a sofa by taking most of the spills and wear and tear, particularly if, like me, you often sit with your feet up.

If you have a wooden floor, add a large rug, particularly if you and your family spend a lot of time sitting on the floor. A wood burner is another way to heat a room that can be more economical than switching on the radiators.

The Bedroom

No one wants to be cold at night, but is leaving the heating on really such a good idea? I find it gets too hot which is almost as bad as being cold. If you do feel the chill, swap your duvet to one with a higher tog rating, and also think about adding an extra cover or blankets.

Make sure your windows are not set to vent – a lot of us do this for extra air in the Summer, and then forget to close them properly – wondering where that draught is coming from. Thicker draw curtains can also add insulation and stop draughts coming through.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often the warmest room in the house, particularly when you are cooking meals. Make sure you have this radiator set to off unless you actually need it on, it is just wasting money to heat a room that is already warm enough.

How do you save money on your heating bills?

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