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Keeping Your Luggage Safe This Holiday Season

One of the best parts about moving into Spring and Summer is that we start to look forward to our Summer holidays and spending some much needed downtime enjoying the sunshine. Holidays are a time we get to spend with those we love most, making everlasting memories. But we need to ensure that those memories are happy ones, and the idea of losing our luggage could never be classed as happy.

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Whether you travel light with hand luggage only, or cram your whole life into a suitcase, your luggage is an important part of your holiday. Hand luggage, in particular, contains everything that is important to enjoy your holiday, from Passports to cards and currency, to insurance documents, medication you may require, and, once you are in resort, your hotel room keys. Suitcases can contain expensive items of jewellery as well as electronic goods (I never travel without my laptop.) This means it needs to be kept safe, but also makes it a major target for thieves that may prey on tourists. so adding an extra layer of safety and security in the form of a GPS luggage tracker may be the best thing you do this Summer.

A PAJ GPS luggage tracker allows you to safeguard your luggage against theft. It employs real-time tracking, route history, and multiple alert options for optimal anti-theft protection. It is compact and discreet, easy to fit into your bag or case without taking up precious room, but means that if you either lose your bag/luggage, or it is stolen, you can share, real time location data with any authorities. You can specify a safe area where you bag should be at any one time, and then receive an alert if it leaves that area without your knowledge, hence alerting you quickly if your bag disappears and moves somewhere it shouldn’t – i.e. from your hotel room.

The tracker works with your phone, and is brilliant if you are travelling abroad as it has coverage in more than 100 countries with 4G technology. It’s battery has up to 10 days in everyday tracking and up to 14 days in standby mode, meaning that even without charging, it can last for an average 7 day holiday trip with ease.

Losing your luggage on holiday is just an awful thing to happen, one that can ruin the most special of trips and lead to distress and agony at the very time you should be having fun or relaxing. A  luggage tracker from PAJ cannot stop your luggage being taken – nothing can, but it can greatly increase the likelihood that it will be recovered, and recovered quickly, and that must be something worth investing in.

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