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Kids shoe fitting at Brantano

It’s that time of year again. Thoughts are turning towards the end of the current school year, and as the new uniforms are ordered, we also turn our heads towards new school shoes, and seeing how much our kids feet have grown. For a long time, this meant a trip to Clarks, but now Brantano are also offering a great kids fitting service. The beauty of the Brantano service is that the sizes actually correspond to sizes of shoes you purchase from elsewhere!


I went along to one of my local Brantano stores last Saturday to get Joe fitted with some new shoes for school. As much as I would love him to be able to wear his current pair for the last few weeks, his feet have clearly grown and those aforementioned shoes are now very uncomfortable. Joe was looked after by Melissa, who very quickly and efficiently measured his feet, and proclaimed that he had gone up to a size 2, and was also a wider fitting. (The foot gauge measures by the length, width and depth of each foot.) Joe was deigned to have a tapered foot shape and his depth is deep.





Once we had all the relevant information, Melissa asked what sort of shoe we were looking for. We wanted something suitable for school, so we were taken to the exact section. All shoes are on display and are organised by size, so there is no waiting for someone to go in the back and check availability, you can find what you are looking for with ease. We found quite a few pairs that Joe liked, and Melissa then advised that Joe try both shoes on to see how comfortable they were on. Once he was down to two pairs, he tried a shoe from each pair and finally decided on a sporty pair of shoe/trainers from Adidas.





Melissa explained that as Brantano doesn’t stock half sizes, they use insoles to makes shoes more comfortable if you go to the nearest full size. The store stocks brands including Startrite, Hush Puppies and Adidas, so there is plenty of choice and a good range of styles.





If your child is due to have their feet measured, I would well recommend the service offered by Brantano.

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