Last Minute Ideas For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day now just around the corner, I wanted to throw in a few more suggestions, focusing on items that show you care, but are also affordable, particularly for little pockets.

So today, all the gift ideas featured cost less than £20 and yet would hopefully put a big smile on dad’s face come Sunday.

Personalised Sudocrem

Sudocrem is a national treasure and something no house is usually without. Since 1931, it has been the go to cream for cuts, grazes, sore and inflamed skin, nappy rash – you name it and Sudocrem has probably soothed it.

This year it has launched handy handbag/workbag sized pots that can also be personalised with a name, and a choice of label. These pots are great to carry around with you, and perfect if dad does a manual job which involves lots of hand washing or means dad gets lots of nicks and cuts.It is also great it he suffers with skin dryness or gets shaving rash. In a year when money is short all around, they make an affordable, personalised gift that is also useful.

Design your own tub here.

The Beatles Album By Album From Welbeck Publishing

With many people still struggling to self isolate, books have become more important than ever in terms of giving people something to do, and a touch of escapism. Welbeck Publishing always have the best choices in both fiction and non fiction and one of their current best sellers is this fantastic, almost encyclopedic volume about the greatest band of all time.

The Beatles Album By Album has been edited by Brian Southall  and is a stunning, coffee table tome which not only gives you information about every Beatles album, but also gives opinions from fellow musicians, music industry insiders and respected music journalists. You get a running order from each album, and lots of iconic colour and black and white pictures from each era. You also get selected reviews from the time, not always positive it has to be said.

This is a fascinating book that will totally appeal to fans of the greatest band the world has ever seen. The book is currently available from Amazon for the bargain price of just £8.99. Click here to view.

Anti Snoring Ring Cards From Tache

How about a present that may bring a smile to dad’s eyes, whilst also bringing a sigh of relief to mom. Online card company Tache has designed a unique card and present in one – and the gift is a snore-free household!

Tache has designed a gorgeous range of cards for Father’s Day that also contain a surprise present within. They have teamed up with the Good Night brand to offer an Anti-Snoring Ring in their cards, nestled in their cute inside envelopes.The ring is clinically proven to work on 80% of Dads, so really could be the answer to those sleepless nights.

The anti snoring ring is you worn on your little finger that taps into your acupressure points to open up your airwaves. Normally RRPing at £29.99 per ring, the collaboration offers the card and ring together for £10 just for Father’s Day this year. You also have the option of adding personalisation to your card to make it just that bit extra special.

You can find the cards here.

Biscuit Gifts From Walkers Shortbread

If dad has a sweet tooth, then maybe a gift that he can enjoy with his brew is the way to go. Walkers Shortbread. The heritage brand that is now over 120 years old is the home of the most delicious, buttery shortbread, and this year it has introduced a couple of new products that are perfect for dad.

The ‘I Love Dad’ Miniatures Tin is a cute and tasty Father’s Day gift. The tin is filled with miniature versions of the classic pure butter shortbreads – fingers, rounds, ovals and triangles. The gold oval tin is beautifully embossed with Scottish thistles and Walkers red tartan. RRP £6.50.

If your dad is a golfer, he could enjoy the 3d mini golfer carton that is made up of mini shortbread rounds.This is a  delightful golf-themed carton of goodies that will make any golfer smile on Father’s Day, hopefully inspiring a hole-in-one when he hits the course.

Zippo Sunglasses

You may be more familiar with the name Zippo if you smoke, as they are the people behind the super stylish lighters, but in recent years they have also been producing a range of super stylish and affordable sunglasses. The range incorporates both male and female designs, as well as a number of unisex designs, and they also cover a range of styles, from aviators to polarized, from wrap styles to classic looks.

The glasses are really nice quality and come in their own pouch. The real beauty though is the price, which has a rrp from £14.90-£19.90 making them a great gift for dad, either to wear everyday, or to keep in the car for that drivers glare.

You can find a full range of Zippo glasses here.

OGGS® Cakes

This post is all about affordable gift ideas and I think the delicious, Vegan friendly mini cakes from OGGS® are just that. Their cakes are just delicious, coming in three flavours that happen to be my faves when it comes to cake – Victoria Sponge, Lemon Drizzle and chocolate fudge.

The cakes come in 4 packs that are beautifully packaged and are available at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose for £4.25 per box. The cakes are also beautifully ethical, vegan friendly, with the sponge itself made using OGGS® patented Aquafaba, an all-plant liquid egg alternative. The packaging is really attractive, but is also recycled material and It’s not only fully recyclable but also biodegradable in landfill.

Dad will enjoy a stunning cake on Sunday with a nice cup of tea, and he might even share with you too.




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