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Lee Stafford Academy Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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No matter how straight your hair is, it can always be smoother, neater and straighter through the use of hair straighteners. The Lee Stafford Academy Flat Iron Hair Straighteners are total proof of this, and may just be the best straighteners around. I have been using them over the Christmas period and have to say, as a quick fix beauty item, they are hard to beat.




The Lee Stafford Academy Hair straighteners are both quick and easy to use. Once plugged in, they heat to your required temperature in seconds, making them perfect for fixing your hair when you are in a rush for work or the school run. The LED display on the front shows you the temperature, and it is easy to increase of decrease by using a button on the inside of the plates. The straighteners come with a useful information card that gives you the suggested temp for different hair types – I used 180 degrees as my hair is fine and flyaway, and this worked perfectly, but the plates heat up to 230 degrees for thicker, bushier or curlier hair.





The floating plates allow your hair to glide through effortlessly, and the tongs themselves are substantial, but also quite lightweight, which again makes them easy to use (I can’t be the only one who’s arms ache when using a particularly famous brand of straighteners.) The tongs also look very sleek, and have grip points that make them easy to grip and hold as you create your style.





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For me, style is all about speed. I never leave enough time to get ready and so am always rushing around. The time that the Lee Stafford straighteners need to heat up means that these have become a vital part of my hair/beauty routine – I really only need a few minutes to leave my hair silky smooth, straight, and without the hair static that can be a bane of my life.

If you would like to win a set of Lee Stafford Hair Straighteners, you can enter the competition below.


Win a Lee Stafford Academy Straightener #11

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