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When we are feeling down, feeling lonely or feeling distressed, a thoughtful gift of flowers can always help us to feel better. Flowers brighten a room and your mood and their scent can lower stress symptoms by oxygenating the air they make us feel our best self. The idea that someone has thought about us, and taken the time to send flowers is also a positive action that can totally lift our mood and make our day.

Moonpig who well known for their fabulous, personalised greetings cards, but it is not so well known that they also have a wonderful collection of bouquets and blooms that can also be delivered to any address. They recently launched a campaign called ‘Let Happiness Bloom’ which was all about sending flowers to friends and loved ones who you have been separated from during the lockdown.

I chose to send flowers to my mom and my sister. My mom lives some distance from me and we have talked every day on Whats App but I have not seen them since the lockdown, and have to say I have really missed her. She loves flowers and her house is always full of them, so I knew the gesture would go down well. She phoned me almost in tears, saying the bouquet I had chosen had filled 4 vases in her house.

My sister loves flowers too, but has had a far more dangerous time in lockdown. She had Covid 19 very early into the lockdown and was really ill. I knew that the flowers would cheer her up, and would be a way of showing that I loved her and missed her. Little acts of kindness go a long way when you are separated from your loved ones.

Moonpig bouquets are reasonably priced and absolutely beautiful, and they last a long time if you keep the water topped up and use the flower food provided. They are stylish and tastefully arranged and would absolutely grace any home beautifully, adding colour and scent.

If you would like to treat someone to wonderful flowers, or would maybe like to treat yourself to a mood busting bouquet, you can save yourself 25% by downloading and using the Moonpig app. Details below.

25% off on flowers when downloading and using the Moonpig app. Expires 25th May.


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