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When dressing for an outdoor event the right accessories can be difficult to find. This is especially true if you are attending an event where you want to stay warm while catching eyes at the same time

Fur accessories come in the same materials as hats, coats, and vests, with the same quality pelt selection and manufacturing. Even though they are smaller items, they are still held to the highest standards.

Jewellery like necklaces and bracelets can get hidden by your beautiful fur coat, so accessories like ear muffs, scarves, headbands, and gloves all play an important role in any winter outfit. Take a look at these smaller items that can give your wardrobe a big look.

Headband and Earmuffs

A mink fur headband is a great alternative to the traditional fur hat that many wear during the winter months. Headbands are made with the same material as hats but you experience an open top that keeps your ears warm but protects and displays your beautiful hairstyle.

Along with headbands, earmuffs are a great option for keeping your hair looking runway ready. Earmuffs are also less expensive than a real fur hat or headband. They give the same sense of extravagant style while only spending a third of the price.

Earmuffs are one-size-fits-all for adults because of the expandable centre and have a wide variety of furs and colours, allowing you to match them to any outfit. They are an excellent accessory to keep handy in a purse when you need to run out the door.

Muffs and Gloves

Keeping your head and ears warm is highly important at an outside event but fingers can get cold, too. Fur muffs and gloves add both glamour and sensibility to your outdoor outfit. Fox muffs are popular in Russia for quick in and out access for your fingers. They are made with zippered compartments inside for storing lipsticks, money, and other small items.

Gloves and mittens also come fur-lined and can play a small but functional role in any outfit. Some gloves reverse the role of fur by lining the inside with the thick, luxurious feel of real fur and finishing off the outside with suede or leather.

Other gloves are lined with suede, fur, or leather, and sport fur around the cuffs. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong wrapping your hands in any one of these accessories.


Standing in the cold at an outdoor event won’t be so bad when you can rub your chin against a beautiful coloured rabbit scarf. Rabbit fur is the softest, making it perfect for scarves that brush your face. They come in many varieties of colours and styles so you can’t go wrong.

From a cowl that can be both a scarf and a hoodie to an infinity scarf that can be wrapped twice, it is all about making small decisions that compliment your style.

There is no wrong accessory when it comes to real fur. Women who wear it look classic and timeless because the pieces rarely go out of style. If stored correctly, they can be worn for many years. So, next time that invitation for a big outdoor event comes in the mail, think about real fur accessories. It is amazing how such a small purchase can make such a big difference in your wardrobe.

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