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Lifetree World – Make money from your weekly shop

Whether you use an online delivery service, or just have a weekly trip to the supermarket, one thing is certain, we all shop for our food groceries and provisions. But what if I told you that a company formed in February 2015 is offering you a way to make money through doing your weekly shop, and that, moreover, you could develop this further if you wish and make even more money whilst working from home? I’m guessing you would want to hear a little more about this.

Lifetree-World is the company in question. Formed in February 2015, this start-up now has 8,000 customers in the United Kingdom and will be looking at expanding into Europe in 2016. It has a main distrubution centre in Manchester, and two more centres in Birmingham and London, with more planned with the companies growth.  Lifetree-World is a network marketing company that could just be about to revolutionise the way we do our shopping.


So how does it work?

Lifetree-World, quite simply, pays you to do your weekly shop. To start you pay a membership fee of £35 which is for the year. Then you get your own online website which is stocked and updated by Lifetree-World with pretty much every well known brand of food and beverage that you would find in your current supermarket. Items are competitively priced and each also has a points value, which is an indication of the profit made on each item. You then simply shop from your website. Once you have reached 35 points, you then start to make money on your shop, gaining 2% on each purchase. Simply by doing your regular shop each week you can start to earn a nice little income, this is called personal purchase points.

But it doesn’t stop there.

As the company continues to grow, you can also earn residual income from new customers and sellers. You are allocated two new sellers to make up your network, and you can gain as they are earning. In addition, you can also get team building bonuses if you introduce people to Lifetree-World. The only thing you need to remember is to stay active with your shopping.



With a huge range of products that is growing every day, 1700 and counting at the present time, and with supermarket brands like Coca Cola, Heinz and Cadburys all available, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start to earn some money from your weekly family shop. In addition, you can also purchase gift ideas for Christmas with fragrances, hampers and fashion jewellery also available.

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