Lift Your Spirits With Some Makeover Magic

Starting your own beauty makeover will help you pick up your spirits again! And let’s be clear: it’s not about vanity or about impressing others, but about expressing a little self-love and appreciating yourself more. 

When you look good, you feel good, and that’s a good rule to live by. That’s when the magic happens, and everything you touch turns to gold. 

Here are five suggestions on how to design your own beauty makeover: 

1. Shapely eyebrows 

Let’s start with eyebrows because when it comes to planning a makeover, eyebrows get neglected. This is a shame. It’s subtle—but well-shaped eyebrows can make all the difference. In fact, many celebrities look instantly attractive because of their perfect eyebrows. 

The best way to decide on how to shape and style your eyebrows is to check out an online beauty directory in your city. So, for example, if you want to makeover your eyebrows in Atlanta, using an online directory will help you find the perfect licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. 

2. Radiant skin

A daily skincare regime will help you have flawless, radiant skin. Skincare starts with clean skin.  

You may need to visit a dermatologist to decide on the best skincare products and the best skincare rules. While you could, of course, simply decide on a product based on advertising or recommendations, you’re taking a wild guess about what will work for you. A dermatologist will help you identify if you have normal, dry, oily, or combination skin. Once you know your skin type, you’ll have a better idea of what skincare products will work for you. Incidentally, a dermatologist is the right person to ask if you need medical advice on hair or nail issues too.

Next, consider makeup. Even if you think it’s a waste of time, you’ll be surprised what the right mascara, moisturizer, or lipstick can do for you. If you’re willing to entertain the idea, then talk to a makeup artist to find the right products for you. 

3. Gorgeous hair 

How do you end the distress of bad hair days, days when you’re too busy to do more than just run a quick comb through your hair? 

First, develop a care routine, creating it with the same diligence you developed a skincare regime. If you’re not sure what products to use, then find out more about the best hair products experts recommend.

Next, decide on the hairstyle that frames your face in the best possible way. Share your ideas with your stylist. Together, you can decide on the best cut for you. 

4. Beautiful nails 

A good manicure is all you need to have beautiful nails. While you could do it yourself, it’s better to get someone else who has the expertise and all the right tools and products to do a better job.

5. Casual elegance

Finally, you need to put a new wardrobe together. It’s time to retire those old-fashioned dresses, blouses, pants, accessories, and shoes. Sure, your favorite clothes are comfortable, but adding new items in will spice it up a bit.

Before you go shopping, consult with your fashionable friends, read fashion magazines, and get familiar with the various styles. Decide on the fashion trend that reflects your personality, a style that makes you look casually elegant. 

Ask for Help

As you read over this list of five ways that you can design your own stunning makeover, you may have noticed a theme: ask for help. Getting advice from someone with professional experience will help you step out of the habit of being yourself. Besides giving you fresh insights, working with someone will also give you the support you need to initiate positive changes in your life.

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