Lily Allen And David Harbour Get Hitched

In amongst all the doom and gloom of yesterday’s latest lockdown announcements, there were a couple of bright spots that emerged on social media. The first was that my team, Prem new boys West Bromwich Albion signed much loved fan favourite Callum Robinson, and the second, a little more surprising and unexpected, but also totally delightful, was the Las Vegas wedding of Lily Allen to Stranger Things actor David Harbour.

The wedding was a real Las Vegas affair, complete with an Elvis impersonator and burgers from the In and Out forming the heart of the reception. Lily looked amazing in a vintage Dior dress that not only stayed true to her love of vintage that was so apparent during her Lucy in Disguise days, but also looked totally made for her, making her look like a 1960’s Leslie Caron. The dress, with large black button detailing and a stunning off the shoulder neckline, looks like an original 1960’s vintage piece, although Pop Sugar seems to suggest it is just vintage styled (and gives a price tag of $4,300) . Either way, she really couldn’t have chosen better.

Lily shared her wedding snaps on her instagram feed, which was totally in keeping with the relaxed, low key vibe of the ceremony. I have to say it looks such a fabulous, fun occasion and I totally wish the couple every happiness.