Living In Joggers With Femme Luxe

January has never been my favourite month, the malaise after Christmas, the cold weather and dark days all go to making it pretty miserable. Add in the third National Lockdown and copious amounts of snow, and you get a month where hibernation seems to be the only option, and warm and comfort in all that we wear seems paramount.

And that’s where a great pair of joggers come in. If you don’t actually want to live in your pyjamas and dressing gown all day every day, then a comfortable, well fitted and great quality pair of jogging bottoms can be just the thing to wear. They offer comfort and warmth, they are great to wear when you are out and about in the cold, or just staying at home with your children, and, thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, they can know also be worn with heels and crop tops for a more streetstyle dressy look.

I have never really worn joggers as I always tend to be dressed up – I prefer dresses and skirts rather than jeans, and have often struggled with the idea of loungewear – in normal circumstances I am usually on the go and don’t have much time to lounge. But spending more time at home, and also lots of time outside exercising has led me getting my first pair of joggers in years, from Femme Luxe.

The Grey High Waisted Oversized Cuffed Joggers have a design that is perfect if you worry about your tummy area when wearing trousers. The design has a strong elasticated waistband with a drawstring detail and cuffed trousers. They are oversized which may mean you need to size down – I am wearing the size 14 and would usually go for a 16, but these fit perfectly with plenty of room for movement and comfort. (The Joggers come in sizes 6-14). This particular style comes in a wide range of colours, but I particularly like this shade of grey as it is quite soft, and looks lovely with a wide range of other colours including black, pink, yellow and pale blue.

The joggers are called oversized, but this does not mean baggy or slovenly, they are just slightly wider on the leg. I am 5ft 7 and these are a good fit on the leg for my height. The joggers are also fleece lined which gives them an extra edge of warmth and a luxury feel.

I teamed my joggers with a loose fighting Bardot styled top, some silver chain necklaces and a pair of trusty Stan Smiths, but this could be worn many different ways. I have teamed mine with a hoodie in an aqua shade for a real comfort look, and these would also look great with a crop style jumper or top, for a more funky young look. I have also worn this with a range of different style jackets and coats when I have been out and about – these were the first thing I reached for when the weather turned cold and snowy as they are just so snug, perfect for keeping the cold out whilst still trying to get out daily exercise.

With at least another month to go before we head out of lockdown in any way, and with more cold weather promised, I would say that a pair of joggers is an investment that will be worthwhile – you will definitely enjoy wearing them, and could even find yourself living in them. As they are machine washable and go straight back into shape, this would not be a problem!

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