Living Room Furniture Designs

Every homeowner would want a home decor that can wow their visitors on any occasion. And one crucial element that can instantly spruce up your living room, and home, in general, is furniture design. Choosing the best living room furniture styles means you’re one step ahead of your neighbors’ living room spaces.

Whether you have a traditional, rustic, contemporary, or modern living room in New York, California, or other parts of the world, there is no shortage of room ideas for furniture designs these days. Interiors designers and furniture manufacturers are always whipping up something new for eager home-owners. And here are a couple of living room furniture styles.

Staircase storage

If you have a small living room, this idea would best fit your tiny home. You can opt for a staircase storage solution for less clutter in your living room. Staircase storage contains cabinets that are stacked and held together. Each cabinet can act as a step in a staircase in case you want to get to the top cabinet. Typically, the staircase storage is high and vertically designed.


Adjustable plan bookshelf

In a modern living room, homeowners are always looking for pieces that stand out. The modern design means that furniture items are updated and unique. There will be no mundane and outdated sofa, coffee table, end tables, dining chairs, and most especially an ordinary standing bookshelf.

To make your room spectacular, install an adjustable bookshelf. This is usually made with planks of wood that are pliable and are held together from both ends. The planks can be adjusted depending on the dimensions of the objects. This type of design isn’t only functional, but it’s also an excellent piece of art for the modern or contemporary home.

Designer sofa

If you have a modern or contemporary living room, grab a designer sofa that can be the focal point in the living room. There is a myriad of options to choose from.

You can choose a sofa with an aerodynamic shape, and something that screams innovation and futurism. Or you may also display a modular sofa in your room. A modular sofa can do double duty. It can double as a bed whenever you have unexpected guests around. If you lack a guest room, then a modular sofa is your best bet.

For more unique and cool sofa designs, check out these 75 designer sofas for your living room.

Fold-away office desk

If your home office is in your living room, and you’re not very blessed with a large living room, then a fold-away workstation is an excellent solution. This table has a panel that can rotate and give users a complete laptop view. And when you’re not using your laptop, you can hide the panel so the entire table space is available for use. The mechanism also lies in the keyboard tray. By moving it in and out, the table can be transformed in seconds, offering optimum functionality.

Scandinavian coffee table

The best tandem in your living room should be your sofa and coffee table. And if your sofa is a sight for sore eyes, then so should your table design. There are many living room ideas for coffee tables. And one design that is fit for modern or contemporary homes is the Scandinavian style. This furniture design is perfect for small spaces because it’s relatively compact and minimalist, which is akin to what modern home design is all about.

Built-in entertainment center

If you and your family spend most of your time in your living room, then a built-in entertainment center is excellent for you. This type of furniture is also a space-saving solution for tiny living areas.

Wrap Up

Your living room should be a haven for you and your family. And it’s only practical to select the most functional, and aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces to make for the most comfortable room. If you want the most versatile, unique, and stunning furniture items, Local Furniture Outlet has them all. Check out their website for huge discounts and seamless delivery.



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