Living With, And Dealing With Tinnitus

We are all, at some time or another, bothered by noise. It could be loud music coming through our walls from our neighbours, or fast cars or lorries zooming past our homes. Noisy children making lots of noise whilst playing can give us headaches, our my particular bane, the incessant bark of my neighbours dog every single morning as I’m trying to work. All annoying, all can give you a headache, all are a pain.

But imagine if you had to face a constant noise, such as a ringing or buzzing, that was not caused by an outside source. Something that couldn’t be turned off, or lowered, and wouldn’t disappear just because you’d shouted at it. That is the problem faced by those who suffer from Tinnitus. Tinnitus is actually a far more common problem than people believe, and it can have a myriad of causes including hearing loss, Ménière’s disease, anxiety or depression.

The most common Tinnitus sound is high pitched ringing, but it can also take the form of lower pitched ringing, humming, clicking and pulsing. If you believe you are suffering from the condition, you need to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist who should be able to identify if there is another issue, such as an ear blockage or another form of injury which may alleviate the problem. However, if these are not the cause, there are still things you can do that could help you to live with your problem.

Acupuncture for Tinnitus is a brilliant and innovative way to alleviate the condition. It is a form of treatment that has been supported by the British Acupuncture Council with some findings showing it has better results than conventional medicine. It is a pain free treatment that may just be the answer to someone who has tried the regular medical treatments and found no joy, as this could be the answer.

Acupuncture that Works explains how the treatment works, saying:-

Acupuncture aims to help relieve tinnitus by stimulating specific acupoints to alter the brain’s chemistry, increasing neuropeptide levels and reducing serotonin levels. It also helps to reduce inflammation by promoting the release of vascular and immunomodulatory actors and increasing local microcirculation which can also aid in the dispersal of swelling.

Ultimately acupuncture may not get rid of your condition entirely, but what it may do is reduce by the loudness and the severity of your Tinnitus, making it easier to live with.

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