Looking At The Digital Landscape With Bennet Schwartz

In the past twenty years, the business industry has been changed beyond belief in the way it has work and dealt with media. The way that business has utilised media in order to market, advertise and even sell their product has changed from traditional marketing methods – it is all about online now. Traditional news media like newspapers and magazines have lost their importance when it comes to getting your message out there, even TV ads and product placements can see diminished audiences when people are watching so many different things, diluting the audience. But online, websites, news and magazine websites, social media sites, literally all online space, gives you a place to get your product out there, instantly. The digital landscape is king, but, even there, subtle changes are occurring which mean you have to look carefully at where you choose to advertise your product.

Bennet Schwartz, the Sydney media expert, has recently talked about why he thinks things are changing and it makes for interesting discussion. As everything has moved online, particularly due to the global pandemic, there is a huge audience to tap into. More people are shopping online, spending time on social media and reading their print media on screen, so this should indicate that if you utilise online sites in order to place your ads you should reach an audience. But this may not be the case, and certainly not in the long term. You need to look at the quality of the site where you are looking to advertise, how big is its audience reach, and even how long it has lasted – you don’t want to put money into a site that will disappear along with your cold hard cash.

Consider blogs for instance, like the one that you are reading now. I set this blog up more than 10 years ago, and am still here through hard work and a lot of market research. I have had to change to adapt to my audience – the purely fashion blog I started out as was limited, and when I branched out to a more general lifestyle blog I found I was able to attract a new audience. I used my stats information to see what posts people were reading so I could offer more of the same. This has led to me surviving in a cut throat, over saturated industry.But this is certainly not true for all. When I started my blog I met a lot of fellow bloggers who are no longer in the industry, whose blogs have disappeared despite having a decent following or stats for a while. For anyone who paid for guest posts or ad space on these sites, they have simply lost out on their investment. Bennet Schwartz backs this up, saying:

The major thing about this new reality is how quickly websites rise and fall. You have to figure this market out to maximize where you put your placements.

The Quality of your ad is also important, it needs to catch the eye, to be noticeable – whether that is because it is funny, thought provoking, even shocking. Bennet Schwatz says that audiences have become ‘ desensitized’ with so many adds around, so yours has to be different, it has to count in order to reach your target audience.

The changing digital landscape means it is no longer enough to just advertise online, you need to look at targeted ads and websites in order to reach your desired audience.


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