Looking for a Career Change? Three Reasons to Consider Social Work


Changing career can be a big decision, but if your personal circumstances have changed, you are no longer satisfied in your current career path, your original career is now less in demand than it was when you started out, or you simply want to do something new, it can be the best way to ensure you can stay in fulfilling, rewarding work for the next stage of your life.

For their second careers, many people choose to do something that helps others or gives something back to their communities, for example teaching, or working with non-profits. If this is an idea that appeals to you, another good choice can be social work. You may well find that this is an excellent route to go down once you have a family and have become generally more aware of the problems facing families and young people.

Here are three reasons why social work is a good thing to move into as a second career:


  • You Can Qualify at Your Own Pace


You can find online social work degrees with some really good colleges such as Rutgers University. If you do your qualifications in this manner, it is more than possible to study while you carry on in your current line of work, or while you stay at home with your family. It is also less expensive than doing a master’s program the old-fashioned way, so you can often qualify for your social work career without incurring student debt. Whether you study full or part time, you can fit it around your lifestyle knowing that once you’re done, you’ll be able to begin your new career.


  • It Is in Demand Everywhere


Social workers are vital in all communities, and so choosing it as a career will mean you won’t have to plan where you live and raise your family around where the best opportunities are in your sector. You don’t have to live in a major city if you don’t want to and will still be able to find openings and rewarding work.


  • A Career that Matters


One of the main reasons people choose social work is that it is something that makes a real difference to a lot of people and families, and the rewards are easy to see. People whose backgrounds have been more business focused or corporate often feel that they haven’t really made an impact despite all their years of hard work, and this is why public-sector work, especially social work, can be an appealing choice to them as a second or even third career.

In social work, no two cases are the same, and every person you work with will need your help in some way. You can be a positive influence on people’s lives and improve your community, while also doing work that is interesting and varied.

If this sounds like the ideal career change for you, why not start looking into how to do your masters online with a college like Rutgers today?

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