Loom Footwear: The Shoe For All Seasons

If lockdown has done one thing, it has changed the way we look at our wardrobes. One only has to look around the shops to realise that comfort, warmth and the ability to be hard wearing all affects our choice when it comes to clothes and shoes. We want things that can multi task, clothes and shoes that work well for all our seasons, including the ones we sometimes get all in one day, and we also want them to be able to work for all occasions, whether that be heading to work, going for a walk or doing the shopping.

With our current Summer slightly resembling Monsoon season, waterproof yet stylish footwear is something we all want to be wearing. Loom Footwear is just that, their sneakers are completely waterproof and keep feet dry even in full submersion. They also feature shock-repellent and temperature-regulated material, making this sneaker an all-terrain, all-season shoe with the feel and levity of a running shoe. As Loom themselves have said:-

Loom Footwear, with their new waterproof all-terrain sneaker, is challenging industry standards of what a pair of shoes can do.

Why Loom?

Loom Footwear do the job of quite a few of the shoes you might currently own. They are your stylish trainers, in a classic black or white design that will look good with anything you wear, and are totally city appropriate, stick them on with a suit and you will certainly be able to run for that train. And speaking of running, if this is your form of exercise, then you can make a grab for your Loom footwear and use them to safely exercise, they will give your feet all the support you need when doing your couch to 5k. As a travel shoe for any occasion, they are second to none.

Lockdown has seen lots of people take up walking as a form of exercise, with hiking in all sorts of terrains a popular pastime. The Loom trainers, that are warm and comfortable, but are also lightweight, flexible and breathable, are the perfect trainer to wear for your walks and hikes, as they will not only keep your feet snug in cold weather, but will also allow them to breathe and keep cool when sweaty feet could also be a problem. Add in the fact that they are also waterproof, and rain, puddles and slush become a problem no longer. These are shoes that have been engineered for comfort.

The Science

So how does Loom Footwear’s technology work? Well, Loom shoes utilise a few key materials to achieve its aim of making its shoe so versatile. These include a Merino wool interior, an H2-Go waterproof layer, and an Excelcast sole.

The Merino wool is encased in Loom’s H2-Go waterproof layer. This layer renders the entire shoe completely waterproof. Loom proclaim proudly that wearers can even go swimming in them and their feet will remain dry. (I’m not personally going to try that one though!)

The Excelcast sole is what makes them a great shoe for running and workouts. The sole was developed by podiatrists to support the foot and deliver maximum energy return. This supports higher performance while running and protects joints from shock.  All this makes them a safe and comfortable option for all forms of exercise and training.

If you are fed up of buying different pairs of shoes for different occasions, you need to check out Loom Footwear at There’ll be no turning back once you do.

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