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Love Pandora Charms? Then Take A Look At Gnoce

Charms bracelets have been a jewellery story for many years. I remember my mom having a heavy silver link chain bracelet that was full of charms, including my favourite, a Cinderella carriage that actually lifted up so you could see Cinders inside. I loved that bracelet so much, it seemed so glamorous and elegant, and full of wonderful charms.

These days, the big news in charm bracelets is, of course, Pandora. Their range of charms includes Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and collections for Christmas and holidays. But if you do love your charm bracelets, and if you are looking for some new charms, then you should take a look at the charm collections from Gnoce the New York based jewellery design company that is now available in the UK.

Gnoce charms are just brilliant. Like Pandora, the charms are 925 sterling silver and come in a wide range of designs. Currently there is a discount on their cute range of Halloween charms, including the rather fabulous Jack and Sally charms from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The charms are lovely as they will fit on any Pandora bracelet you may already have so you can mix and match them with your current collection.

Gnoce charms feature the same blend of enamelling and precious metal as Pandora stones, and also have a range of bead charms that can tie your design together. They also have a brilliant range of collaborations including Naolito X GNOCE and Sarah’s Scribbles X GNOCE. These ranges are actually brilliant gift ideas for a younger person getting their first charm bracelet, or for lovers of comic and anime series.

One feature of Gnoce Charms that I think is a brilliant idea is the range of personalised charms they offer. These can hold a special photograph incorporated into the charm in a range of innovative designs. Check out the cool giraffe charm below that doubles as a photo frame for a cool family photograph.

Gnoce charms are beautiful, delicate and can also be very personal if you are giving them as a gift. They are also considerably cheaper than Pandora, and can have the payment spread through both Klarna and Laybuy. They also have regular special offers and money off offers, so it is well worth book marking the site if you are a jewellery fan.


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