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Loving my Boohoo Louise Faux Fur Coat

I remember the days when I went out in the evening in a slinky dress and absolutely no coat. Whatever the weather, I would brave the cold thinking that a coat would spoil the general look of my outfit, and then I would freeze waiting for taxi’s in sub-zero temperatures. But there are ways to cover up in the evening, and still look glamorous and evening appropriate, and one of those ways is with a faux fur coat.

Louise Faux Fur Stripe Coat £45 click to visit Boohoo
Louise Faux Fur Stripe Coat £45 click to visit Boohoo

I was sent the gorgeous Louise Faux Fur stripe coat from Boohoo, and have been struggling to take it off – it is gorgeous, cuddly and oh so warm. I think fur coats are just so versatile as they look brilliant slung over jeans and a simple sweater, but are totally appropriate when the occasion is more glittering. A fur coat also seems to be age-appropriate for any, and every woman. My mom swears by them, I remember my nan looking glamorous and decadent in one when I was just a child, while two of my blogger friends have been rocking them this season (you look so glam Sunni and Sarah.). And, as I’ve already said, since I was sent this coat from Boohoo, I’ve not really taken it off…


I love it! Choosing black means it can be teamed with pretty much any other colour, whilst the stripe design gives it a very luxurious feel. The coat is lined, and doesn’t shed any fur, and it just feels oh so soft. Another plus point is that it isn’t heavy – some fur coats can make you feel like you are wearing 10 blankets and that can lead to you feeling hot, rather than warm.

This coat is part of the Boohoo plus size collection, and is currently only available in sizes 20 and 22, but Boohoo does have a rather large collection of faux fur pieces which you can view here.

*With thanks to Natalie Job and the team at 7 Things Media for gifting the coat.


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