Lowering the Cost of Your Long-Distance Move

You’re moving and the job you accepted is a thousand miles away. With so much to do you may end up feeling stressed. Any move can cause you to reach deep into your pockets to cover all the fees, large and small. However, with a carefully crafted plan of action and a willingness to do some of the leg work on your own, you can save hundreds and maybe even thousands on your move. 

Plan Ahead 

You’ve completed your online architecture masters programs and it’s paying dividends. After several interviews, you’ve accepted employment with a large firm. Instead of procrastinating your move, plan ahead. This will allow you to get the moving date of your choice for the best price. 

Rent a Truck or Hire Professional Movers 

The first thing you need to decide on is whether you want to drive the truck on your own or hire movers. There are pros and cons to each. First, driving a truck on your own will cost much less, but you will have to pack, load, and unload the vehicle. While you may have friends at your current residence, you’ll pretty much be on your own once you reach your new home. Another thing to consider is the long drive in a large truck and the traveling on congested roads. 

Saving Money Using a Moving Company 

The initial estimate can instantly overwhelm you. However, there are ways to bring costs down. For instance, most moving companies include a fee for packing and supplying boxes. If you opt to provide the boxes and do the packing on your own, you can literally reduce the estimate by several hundred dollars. Another way to move long-distance for less is to go in the off-season. If this is not an available option, you can still save money by scheduling the pick up for mid-week. 

Packing Supplies 

Packing up your collectibles, high-tech devices, and glassware doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, for little money, you can pack, label, and protect your furnishings. Contact your local supermarket or retail store to see what days during the week they receive shipments. Since they only toss the boxes away in dumpsters, most won’t have an issue with giving them away for free. When it comes to wrapping your furniture, use sheets and, with regard to your collectibles and glassware, use old newspapers and ordinary coffee filters. 

Down Size 

A move presents a wonderful opportunity to de-clutter your home and downsize. Remember that everything you bring will require added storage space, and if you want to spend less, you’ll need to lighten the load. Rent a dumpster for the items showing wear. We recommend redbox+ dumpster rentals. As for the items in good condition that you no longer want, have a moving sale. The money you make will help offset some of the costs. 

Deduct the Move Next Tax Season 

You can get additional savings by adding the cost of your move when you file your taxes. On the federal tax return form 1040, there’s a place to put in moving costs. So keep all of your receipts. 

Host a Cleaning Party 

Hosting a cleaning party provides a terrific way to say goodbye to friends and get your residence spotless without the need for hiring a cleaning service. Once the home is clean, you can offer repayment for all the efforts with a cold cut platter and fixings or burgers and hot dogs on the barbecue. 

Moving is exciting, especially when you advanced your career through additional schooling. Don’t let the excessive costs put a damper on your feelings. Whether you decide to use a rental truck and drive or hire professional movers, you can do the move for less.