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Luxury Nightwear Ideas

Last Saturday I had a PJ day. Joe was away for the weekend and the weather was particularly nasty and so I made toasties, found an Agatha Christie box set to watch and stayed in my pyjamas and dressing gown for the whole day. It was bliss, comfy and cosy, and a day of sheer relaxation, safely away from the awful wind and rain that was outside. It did get me wondering though about the state of my PJs though. For if you are going to spend a cosy day wearing PJs, they should really be something a little more luxurious than Primark’s finest.

A lot of people will spend a lot of money on other items of clothing – jeans for instance can really break the bank. And yet when it comes to our nightwear and lounge wear, the things we wear to relax and sleep, we tend to skimp, when really this is an area when quality can really be telling. We spend a lot of time in our nightwear, we toss and turn in it, roll around in it, and also wear it when we are feeling ill, so it needs to be soft, comfortable and also hard wearing, otherwise we will be replacing it over and over again, making bargain pieces a false economy. But there are some really lovely luxury nightwear ideas out there, these are practical, stylish and come in fabrics like the softest cotton, both brushed for warm and light and soft for summer evenings. Jersey is another great fabric, stretching as you move around, but not actually getting stretched out of shape.

(Sleepwear ideas above from David Nieper – stockists of quality sleepwear.)

We tend to invest in quality sleepwear for certain occasions – if we have a hospital stay upcoming, or for our honeymoon, but there is no reason why we can’t invest in pieces for sleep and lounge wear just to treat ourselves.

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