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Make A Room Complete – Add A Beanbag

Beanbags have come a long way since their original 1980’s heyday. Then, let’s be honest, they were rather basic, with just one shape, covered in a cloth that was usually canvas or heavy cotton, and, as we are telling the truths, they weren’t really all that comfortable, losing their shape rather quickly, leaving you sitting in a dip. Beanbags were the home accessory that style forgot, fit for a playroom, and not much else.

But that was then. Today’s beanbags, as designed and created by Big Bertha Original, are both stylish and comfortable, and can literally work in any room of the house. They come in a range of styles, even coming in the guise of a sofa, and the use of fabrics that range from the practical to the luxurious, including plush velvet, fluffy faux fur and leather. There are beanbags that are made for sharing, high backed beanbags that offer that extra bit of support, and even gaming style beanbags that would be perfect for a teens bedroom or gaming room.

Here are a few of my favourite bean bags from Big Bertha, and where I would place them in a home.

Gaming Lounger Bean Bag

As well as being the most incredible shade of petrol blue, the Gaming Lounger beanbag is designed for both support and comfort. We all know gamers can be in their seat for quite a few hours at a time, so the heavy knit fabric design of this chair has added stretch that allows the beans to mould around you, giving you that extra layer of comfort.

This isn’t just perfect for gaming, it would also work in a bedroom of someone who likes nothing better than curling up with a good book (or kindle – I do know it’s the 21st century), or watching a bit of television. This makes it perfect for a tween or teens bedroom.

The 3 Seater Albert Sofa Bean Bag

Imagine something as comfortable as a beanbag, in a lovely plush, soft cord fabric, that is actually a sofa. Sounds good? Well the 3 seater Albert sofa bean bag is even better than that, and is just the perfect thing for a conservatory or extension. It looks great, almost like a Chesterfield style classic sofa, but the use of soft cord makes it ultra modern, and practical too as it is super hard wearing.

This comes in a range of colours, but my personal favourite is the graphite grey. For a touch of added comfort, you can add a footstool.

Kids’ Armchair Bean Bag for Toddlers 1-3 yr

When your little one is just starting to find their feet and gain a little independence, a chair of their own, where they can sit happily and watch Cbeebies is just the thing. Big Bertha has a big range of patterns and designs in their kids armchair beans bags that are just perfect for little bottoms. I love this design with the star print, which also comes in a navy blue colour way.

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