Make Moving House As Simple As Possible

With Autumn just around the corner, many people are planning to move house in order to be in and settled by Christmas. My sister is just one of the thousands of people who have had an offer accepted on a new house and are now starting to pack together all their belongings, ready to move to pastures new. But that packing and the logistics of actually moving all your things from A to B can be a nightmare, and can not be left to chance, but needs to be acutely planned.

Here are some tips that I have collated with friends to moving your things without any hassle.

1. Find a good and reliable removal firm,

You need to get your removal firm booked as soon as you have your moving date so you are not left in a position where you can move, but can’t actually move. Use the internet to look up house removals in order to read reviews, get a moving cost and find a company that you will feel comfortable with. Try to check the WhatStorage website. You can find and get quotes from companies offering house removals and man and van with convenience. For example, if you live in Birmingham, you can compare the rates of at least 3 companies that offer man and van in Birmingham.

2.Sort as you pack.

You will have accumulated a lot of rubbish in your previous home, so moving out is the best time to sort. Get rid of accumulated rubbish, clothes that you no longer want, or that no longer fit, cull the toys that are not played with.

If you have new things ordered for your new home furniture wise, you can get larger pieces removed through council removal services, or can donate them to charity shops like St Giles, which have larger shops for furniture donations. Things like carpets and curtains can be included as part of the sale of your old house as they more than likely won’t fit your new home.

3. Label Everything

Make sure all your boxes of belongings are clearly labelled so you can put them into their new rooms straight away. Keep a box with things like cups, tea and coffee, spoons etc close at hand, along with a special box containing toys and things that might belong to your children that will help them settle into their new home quickly. Also make sure you have your new keys in your handbag and the old keys ready to hand to the estate agent.

Happy moving!


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