Makeup and Jewellery Tips for Anyone Who Wears Glasses

As a glasses wearer, you know that your prescription glasses can completely change your look. However, it isn’t realistic to have different pairs of glasses so you can match all your favourite pieces of jewellery, makeup looks, and outfits.

While shopping for a new set of frames, you can think strategically and select the best pair for everyday wear that complements a wide range of styles. If you already have a pair of glasses you love, you can also choose makeup and jewelry looks that work well for those who wear glasses daily. 

Considerations When Picking Out a New Pair

When you’re shopping for new glasses, there are several things you’ll want to take into consideration to help you find the most versatile pair possible. Are you someone who wears a lot of necklaces or earrings? Do you tend to prefer silver or gold? If so, think about whether metal frames may clash with a favorite pair of hoop or dangling earrings. 

Avoid Mixing Metals

If you’re a fashion-forward person who’s worried about clashing materials or colors, you may not want to buy metal frames. It’ll be harder to match metal frames with metal jewelry, which may be less true of plastic frames. Another solution is to match the metal frames with the most metal that the majority (or your favourite) jewellery is made of. 

Consider Buying Multiple Pairs 

For those who wear glasses daily and cycle through various styles and fashion and trends frequently, it may be worth the investment to buy multiple pairs of glasses. There are many online sites where you can browse for womens glasses in various styles, colors, and patterns, then order them directly in your prescription. Many of these sites offer discounted frames, meaning you could buy multiple pairs for the price of one in most stores or optometrist’s offices. 

Take Makeup Into Account

Another consideration when picking out frames is makeup. Do you wear makeup often? Are those look dramatic or lean more natural? If you wear makeup often and want to show off your skills, you may want to consider lenses that frame your eyes more clearly. 

Look for glasses that don’t block your browline or aren’t in a colour that could clash with a colourful eyeshadow look or lipstick. Metals, black, and neutral colours may be best if you want to keep the focus on your makeup. 

Making Your Current Glasses Work 

While it’s possible to pick frames that complement your makeup and jewellery tastes, it’s also possible to match your tastes to your frames. If you fall in love with a pair of frames that are bold, colourful, or have a distinct pattern, you can also coordinate your accessories and makeup around your frames.

Matching Jewellery to Your Glasses

No matter if your frames are plastic or metal, plain, or have a pattern, you can still find jewellery that matches them. Just make sure you strike the right balance of patterns and colours to get maximum impact out of your look. To find this balance, you can: 

  • Pair Bold Frames with Short Necklaces– If your glasses have a heavy frame, unusual color, or loud pattern, go for short necklaces. They will bring attention to your face without clashing
  • Opt for Studs Over Dangling or Hoops– Hoops or dangling earrings may make your glasses look too busy. For everyday wear, find high-quality studs that complement your outfit and glasses.
  • Make Simple Frames Pop with Large Jewellery– If your glasses have a simpler frame, get bold and brave with your jewellery. Now’s the time for long statement necklaces and hoop earrings.
  • Contrast Plastic with Metal– Play with materials by going with plastic frames and metal jewellery. If your frames are metal, experiment with how different metals pair with your frames or go with plastic jewelry. 

Making Your Makeup Pop Beneath Your Frames 

For those who wear makeup, make sure your frames complement, not hide your artistic work. If you wear makeup often, you can: 

  • Focus on Basics– Just like any look, make sure your basics are set to ensure a long-lasting look. Use your favourite concealers, setting powders, and foundations to act as the base of your look.
  • Invest in Long-lasting Mascara– This will help you avoid smudging mascara if you take your glasses off to clean them. It’ll also help your lashes remain noticeable with glasses on. 
  • Lighten Your Eyebrows– Filling in your eyebrows too much may make your face look heavy if you wear glasses, especially if you have bulky frames. 
  • Use a Deeper Eyeliner– It’ll be harder to see your eyeliner when you have glasses on. Go a shade darker than you usually would, and don’t be afraid to apply your liner a bit thicker to make sure your work is seen.

Make Your Frames Your Favourite Accessory 

Glasses-wearers often see their frames as an extension of their style. No matter which frames you wear, you can easily match them with your makeup and jewellery. Instead of seeing your glasses as independent from your outfit or look, try to treat them like a focal point or your favourite accessory. 


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