Making More Space In A Small Bedroom

It is a common problem. You have the wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw and more shoes than Imelda Marcos, but your bedroom is, let’s be honest, small, and your storage space is limited. For many of us, this is a reality we face in our own homes, with overflowing closets and drawers, and our things left on chairs, and just stuffed under the bed. But it does not have to be this way. The space we have can be utilised to its maximum capacity, no matter how small, by choosing fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture. We can also look carefully at how we style our space, the colours we use and the flooring we pick in order to make that small space feel just that bit larger.

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes offer a solution because they can be tailored to suit any size room. When you put a normal, stand-alone wardrobe or storage unit into a room, there is often space left that then becomes dead. With fitted pieces, you can utilise all the space, including that room above the bed. In addition, wardrobes with sliding doors are even more practical as you do not need to worry about the space required in order to open them. Another great feature is that you can also ensure that they suit your personal taste, whether you love minimal styles, traditional looks or ultra-modern design.

Florence – Spray painted frameless doors wardrobe

Spray painted frameless doors wardrobe


Many opt for carpeting in a bedroom feeling this makes the bedroom feel warmer, but an engineered wooden floor is long-lasting, moisture resistant, and with the quality finish and design of solid wood flooring. It will fit with literally any style of decor you choose for your room, and will mix with any colour scheme. Moreover,a wooden floor will make your room and floor space appear bigger, so if this is your issue, this is the floor covering for you. I like the idea of brushed oak for a fresh, bright look.

Colour Scheme

If you want your room to look bigger, you need to keep it light and keep it simple. Busy prints and dark colours will make your room appear to be smaller and more intense, you want to keep it more subtle in order to give an illusion of space. Light neutral colours will do this, cream, beige and the sometimes dreaded but always trusted magnolia, and you can then add splashes of colour through the use of accessories. Using blinds rather than curtains can also help with this, as an uncluttered space will always feel bigger.

Ultimately, the space you have is the space you have, so you have to be clever with how you use it. Fill your space with clutter and it will appear much smaller than it is, but use the space wisely, and hide those things, and it will feel far more spacious.