Making Savings On Your Spring Purchases

We are firmly ensconced in February. Spring finally feels like it could be on its way, and stores have finally gotten rid of those fairly scruffy sales sections. This is great news if you like your shopping experience to be smooth – lots of shiny new rails, and less like a scrum or jumble sale. But if you love the thrill of a bargain and are still watching those pennies if you have run up major credit card bills at Christmas, this may limit your shopping. But, fear not, there are definitely still great savings to be made out there, and you could still be getting your purchases for less than the recommended retail price.

Clothes – Fill that closet

If you shop around you can definitely find some great purchases at the moment. Top of the pile when it comes to a bargain is River Island, who have lots of new season savings on brand new pieces. In particular there are a lot of savings on dresses that make great transitional pieces.

I picked up this fabulous green dress recently from River Island in Intu Merry Hill and was delighted that it was reduced from £42 to £25 even though it was new season. It was the perfect dress to wear to the Shrek UK Tour press night at the New Alex Theatre.

River Island online has lots of great discounts as well as online exclusives, so it is definitely worth checking out.

For the home

For many people, the coming of Spring means the time for a Spring clean, and this can have you shifting out the clutter, but also replacing appliances that have seen better days. When you shop for something new you need to make sure you are getting the best deal possible, so using a site like Latest can help you find all the latest sales, discounts, money off vouchers and free postage regardless of what you are looking for.  A community of bargain hunters find and update those deals daily, so you can just type in what you are looking for, and then find the best deal for you.

Whether you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner, a cooker, or an Actifry low fat fryer, you are sure to find the cheapest price available.

For your social life

If you enjoy online gaming, gambling or Bingo, you really shouldn’t always use the same sites because you could be missing out on special deals and savings.  Many sites offer free spins, free deposits and top up schemes that can help your money go a lot further. Currently it is worth checking out the bonuses at Spintastic which is now branching out into the UK and is offering incredible deals.

With Mother’s Day and Easter both on their way, you may be looking for somewhere special to dine, either for a family meal, or maybe a special afternoon tea. One place that you can find special deals on fine dining and eating out is Groupon. Groupon often offers special bargain prices for a range of food experiences, and deals can often be bought in multiples, so you can cater for a large group.

As I have three family birthdays in March, as well as Mother’s Day and Easter, I will definitely be looking in this direction when it comes to eating out.


How will you save money this Spring?


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