Making the most of your garden with a some footie fun

One of the best things about the arrival of Spring is the chance for Joe to play out in the garden, both after school and in the holidays. Joe is most definitely the sort of child who would be described as an ‘outdoorsy’ type, he likes all kinds of sports, running, climbing and riding his scooter. But the thing he loves doing most is playing with a football. The phase ‘football crazy’, may just have been made for him.

My football Mad boy


At his football birthday party

Training with the Baggies

Training with the Baggies

Training with Darren Fletcher and James MacClean of WBA

Training with Darren Fletcher and James McClean of WBA

So, the return of the light nights and warmer weather also mean the start of the garden football season for my family. Joe already has his eyes on the new football that has been released for the Euro 2016 championship which starts in June, and the lawn has been mowed and the goals have been set up. We currently have one decent set of goals, and one small set that are going to be replaced next week (look out for the post on my garden improvements next week.)


A good set of goals is a great investment if you have children who are football mad, whatever the size of your garden. If you have a large garden you can enjoy games, with a smaller garden they are still good for football practice, taking penalties, goal keeper practice, and they stop children firing the ball towards the wall of your house (and the windows of course.) QuickPlay Sport is a great destination to find good quality goals of all sizes, especially as they come with a 2 year guarantee on parts. They also have have a mobile training app that is great if your child currently plays for a team, because practicing is most definitely the best way to improve.



Using your garden for sports and pastimes like football can help your children improve their skills and performance whilst having lots of fun in the process. It also means that your kids will be out in the fresh air actually participating in physical activity, rather than simulating it on FIFA 16 – and this can only be a good thing.



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10 thoughts on “Making the most of your garden with a some footie fun

  1. I definitely agree that kids could do with being outside more! My elsest loves kicking a ball around and any other type of outdoor activity, I however hate football so I hope it doesn’t stick haha!!

  2. You can tell this young lad loves his football and what an experience to have trained alongside his WBA heroes!

    Getting my boys away from their X-Box, Playstation \ other games station isn’t easy but with the lighter nights now here and hopefully a good summer on its way there should be no excuse!

    Love that Quickplay goal, going to investigate further!

  3. Awww what an experience to be able to train with the pros!!

    I love the fact that warmer weather is on it’s way so I can get my boys out more!

    Laura x x x

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