Making The Most Of Your Small Bathroom Space

For most people, the dream would be to have a home that was filled with large, airy and spacious rooms. These would allow us to indulge in the decor of our dreams, no matter how ostentatious the design and how large the furniture. But, unfortunately, many of us struggle when it comes to space, with kitchens and bathrooms in particular, rooms where we need to be clever with our use of design, furniture and storage.

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be a cluttered, unloved space. It just needs to be thought out cleverly in order to make the best of what you have. Dual-flush toilets with built-in macerators such as a sanicompact toilet save space, water, effort, and time because you can install them by yourself no matter how tiny the bathroom is. This is a great upgrade that I’m sure your family will love.

Here are a few ideas that could make your room seem more spacious and luxurious.

Change your bath to a shower

We all love a nice bath, but the reality is that this is the biggest single piece of furniture in your bathroom and one that takes up most of the room. It is also something that you can change. Adding a shower unit in place of your bath can give you some extra space and can even prove to be more economical. A Kohler LuxStone shower can be customised to your own design in order to match the look of your bathroom, and can also be fitted with extra shelves where you can store your bottles and lotions, hence making it multi functional too. However, walk-in baths for the disabled are also an option for those with mobility issues, these tend to take up less room as they are taller and slimmer in design.

Look At Your Sink

One of the key features of a small but functional bathroom is making sure all you make the most of the available space. This often means multi tasking. You can add a cupboard or vanity unit under your sink where you can store towels – this makes the most of dead space that is otherwise doing nothing. Alternatively, you could add metallic shelving that would give your bathroom a more contemporary modern look and would be useful for storing bottles of shampoo and bodywash.

Mirror in the bathroom

A mirror is good for creating an illusion of more space, and, as it is on the wall, it is not taking up much of your valuable space. But, in the same way your sink can be remodelled to make it multi task, you could opt for a mirror that is also a bathroom cabinet, a place to store aspirins, plasters and other medicine related paraphernalia that you would prefer to keep out of the way of the children.

Speaking of walls…

And speaking of walls, this is space that should be utilised. Never forget that the reason we have skyscrapers is that when we could no longer build across, we built up. Corner units, floating shelves and towel rails are all ways of using your walls to help with essential storage for toiletries. But they can also help create a mood, and once again, they can multi task, for instance, with a towel radiator you have your heat and a towel rail in one place. Shelves can be decorated with dreamy candles to help you relax in your bathroom and keep it smelling fresh and clean.

How do you make the most of your bathroom space?

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