Making The World A Better Place – The Joe Takeover

My son Joe has been doing a very special project at school all about making the world a better place. He asked if he could take over Fashion-mommy to tell his school (and the world) what he has been doing.

Over to you Joe.

My school project is all about making the world a better place. My partners are Jack Ward, Oliver Haldron and Oscar Glass. We planned what to do together at school. So I decided to do my project in Wales in the Easter Bank Holiday.

I decided to do three things:

  • First I rode around our campsite on my JD Bug scooter instead of using the car and wasting petrol.

  • Secondly I did a litter pick around my campsite also using my JD Bug scooter, and looked at what could go in the recycling bin.

  • Finally, we went to the Dyfi Osprey project where I walked all around to have a look at all the rare insects and species they have there. Some of the Ospreys had still not come back from Africa where they go in the Winter time, but some other Ospreys had come to stay instead.

I really using my scooter instead of using the car because I got fresh air and wasn’t wasting any petrol or energy.

There was quite a lot of litter on the campsite and I didn’t really mind picking it up because it makes the campsite look tidier and neater.

The Dyfi Osprey project was a lot of fun. I found out that some frogs are born with no legs because birds had picked at them when they were frogspawn. I thought Monty the male Osprey was just amazing. I watched him in his nest eating his fish which he wouldn’t share with the other Osprey because she was not his partner. Ospreys are very big birds and I think they are cute too.

I thought the Osprey project was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot of new facts.


I have really enjoyed doing this project.