Making Your Cleaning Products Eco Friendly

The world has never been more aware of the need to look after our planet. Discussions and protests about Climate change, zero waste, single use plastic and our disposable society have dominated the Summer, as people, especially the young, try to remind us that although we have a lifetime tenancy on planet Earth, we also have a responsibility to look after it for the sake of our future generations.

Looking after our planet doesn’t mean not doing things, but we can change the way we do them. One small thing we can do is make the change to eco friendly cleaning products. These tend to have more envionmentally friendly ingredients than other  regular cleaning chemical ranges and are therfore considered to be both safer and kinder to the environment. Environmentally safe products can cover all areas of your cleaning, from multi purpose cleaner, to toilet and bathroom cleaner, from floor cleaners to washing powders, and even to your hand soap.

As well as being more environmentally friendly in the chemicals they contain, eco friendly products also look carefully at their use of packaging, avoiding excess packaging, and making sure the materials used can be recycled. These products are also often concentrated, which means they last longer and are therefore purse friendly too.

You can also save on both money and help the planet with a few household cleaning hacks like those suggested below by Pattersons. These are cheap and affordable ideas that won’t cost the Earth in either sense of the phrase.

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