Making Your Garden An Extension Of Your Home

Winter is the time of year when many of us abandon all thoughts of our gardens. Cold, wet weather may see us no longer sitting outside as we do our best to keep warm and think about sunnier days. But Winter can be the perfect time to plan how you would like to use your garden once the weather improves, whether that be as a place to plant and grow, a place for your children to play, or as an oasis that is an extension of your home.

If you love the idea of the third option, you are not alone. Even without creating an actual garden room, using luxurious furniture, solar lighting and attractive decking can create the illusion of a garden space that is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, and also for entertaining and hosting barbecues. The luxurious garden space can utilise a gazebo or a large pagoda to add some coverage for cooler days.

Garden Furniture

When you are creating your beautiful garden living space, your first thought should be the furniture. We have moved far away from the plastic table and chairs, and now opt for modern and contemporary designs from companies like Skyline, who not only have gorgeous dining style designs, but also have outdoor sofas and large, cushioned chairs that really offer indoor comfort for outdoor life.

Adding a large parasol, or some other suitable form of shade is also a great way to help adapt your space. This can make you able to sit outside, even on rainier Summer days, and can also give a little protection from both the sun and wind.


You don’t have to chose decking for your garden, the above image shows that a beautiful lawn can also be a good choice, and some opt for sandstone paving slabs for a more rustic look, but decking can help you to define the living space from the rest of your garden, and will certainly look better with wooden furniture, giving an almost maritime feel to your garden space, even if the only water you have comes from a paddling pool.


The finishing touch for a lovely garden area is some lighting so you can continue to enjoy your garden after the sun has gone down. Solar lighting can give you the soft relaxing vibe, or you could opt for multi coloured lights or fairy lights for a more hippie mood.

Don’t forget that candles work really well too when it comes to creating a mood, and if you chose citronella, they are also very good at keeping the flies at bay so you can truly enjoy your garden without the feeling you are being eaten alive.

It may be raining a storm right now, but Spring is just around the corner, so start dreaming of garden living.

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