Managing Social Media Effectively For Business

When setting up a new business, or trying to grow your existing building, there are lots of things to consider. Premises, insurance, staff levels and budgeting are all important, but you also need to consider how you market your business, and these days, marketing means social media, and how you effectively use it.

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn along with Pinterest to a lesser extent, are all channels that can be used to promote pretty much any kind of business, from a small one man operation, to large multi nationals. Social media has a large reach that can spread worldwide, it’s instant, and it allows followers and potential customers to make contact with you and the product. It has the beauty of being updated on a regular basis, keeping your audience firmly in the loop when it comes to new developments and initiatives for your brand.

The most effective social media needs to be planned as part of your wider strategy for your company. This need for planning can make a Social Media Posting Tool essential, especially if your company has a team rather than an individual who creates and posts social media content. This is where ContentCal comes into its own.

ContentCal is a social media posting tool that allows you to plan your social media content, to monitor the analytics of each post and campaign, and also to quickly respond to questions, queries and comments from customers. It can be used by either individuals, or as a team, with different pricing plans according to the size of your business and social media team.

ContentCal allows you to plan your social media content in advance, with the times you want each post to go live. The beauty is that you can see all of this as an online calender, and can therefore move the content around if you decide you want the posts to go live in a different order, maybe in response to current events in the world or a sudden rush of demand for a certain product. You can preview every single item before it goes live, and can therefore make changes if you decide it doesn’t quite work. Once you have your content, it can be sent to lots of different apps in order to promote, promote , promote.


ContentCal also gives you a record of your content, so you can look back on which posts were popular, which didn’t really work, and this can help you avoid duplicate content, or alternately, it could allow you to use a post again if it was part of a concerted marketing campaign.

Social Media is so important to the growth of modern day companies, a social media posting company can allow you to make your social media use effective.

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