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Marvel Kids launch new online games

If your child is a fan of Marvel characters like Spiderman and The Avengers, now is a great time to check out the Marvel Kids page at A great new range of Marvel games have been launched just in time for the dark nights. These games included all of our favourite super heroes in a range of adventures that not only offer a lot of fun (and at different levels of difficulty to challenge all ages) but are also educational too. You can find a wide range of games at

I have enjoyed playing these games with Joe over the half term. He has been taking part in a soccer camp, so the games have actually been a great winding down activity. We have played lots of different games, from ‘Spiderman to the rescue’ where the aim is to help Spider-Man rescue Jameson by sneaking your way past Mysterio’s traps and you race against time to try to beat your high score, to ‘Spider-Man web slinger’ where you take on the role of Spidi and swing through the streets of New York. You have to swing through the city avoiding obstacles and danger on the way. Joe did enjoy this game as he found it exciting and a little challenging too – it took a few attempts to complete the challenge.

spider man to the rescue Our favourite game, and one which is also a great educational developmental tool is
‘Spider-Man Epic Battles’.  In this game, you test your memory with three different games and defeat some of Spider-Man’s greatest villains at the same time! The games are ‘Match 3’ – where you have to watch a colour sequence and then repeat it, ‘Memory Tile’, in which you have to use your memory to find the matching squares,  and ‘Memory Sequence’ which is a little like Connect 4, but with three squares, you have to move a square one place to find a pattern of three. ‘Memory Sequence is the most difficult game, but Joe really loved this as it was fast and furious. Each correct answer or move helps Spiderman to complete the demolition of an enemy.

spider epic


match tiles

Match 3

The Marvel kids games are great fun, educational,  and free to use – I would highly recommend them for filling wet days and dark evenings.

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