Maternity Active Wear – A New Trend

There have always been a lot of fallacies, stories and basic untruths when it comes to being pregnant.  and what you can and can’t do. From the need to eat for two (totally untrue, although you may eat more in the third trimester) to the fact that if you are having sweet or salty cravings you can actually predict the gender of your baby, with sweet pointing to a girl, and salt pointing to a boy (obvs. no gender stereotyping there at all). But one of the most common untruths is that you should not exercise when you are pregnant. Frankly, this is a load of rubbish.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is something that can help you keep fit and healthy, and also help with your mental well being with Aerobic and strengthening exercise positively recommended. Aerobic exercise such as brisk walking or swimming uses oxygen, raises your heart rate and makes you slightly breathless. It also improves your level of fitness. Whilst strengthening exercises can be good for natural births. Obviously you need to be generally fit and healthy, and you should consult your doctor or midwife to assess any previous exercise regimes for their suitability as your body changes, but generally the risks of careful and moderate-intensive activity during pregnancy are very low, and do not increase risk of low birth weight, pre-term delivery, or early pregnancy loss.

In fact, rather than risks, there are many, many positives to engaging in some low level exercise when you are pregnant.

Here are some of the benefits from exercise during pregnancy you may experience: Exercuse can help with those minor irritations and aches and pains like backache, constipation, bloating, and swelling. It may also help prevent, or treat, gestational diabetes. Regular activity also helps to keep you fit during pregnancy and may improve your ability to cope with labour. It may also help you to bounce back from the birth just that little bit quicker, and also help you to maintain a sense of yourself that can sometimes be lacking when you are pregnant.

Fitness Wear

As woman try to adapt their pregnancy routines to their lifestyle, maternity fitness becomes increasingly popular, and with this, there is a definite market for maternity activewear. We all like nice fitness wear for either the gym, the pool or for running, whether we are pregnant or not, but the availability of attractive and practical activewear becomes less when you are looking for maternity versions, particularly later into the pregnancy. The brands that are there seem to be very limited in style and choice – I did a quick internet search earlier and found lots of black leggings, but not much else. In fact, black seems to be the order of the day, with very plain vests, and yoga pants all in the same dull colourway, with a bit of grey thrown in for effect. Clearly there is a gap in the market, but how to access it?

Create Your Own Brand

If you are looking for maternity active wear on the current online market, and find the selection clearly wanting, then the chances are that you are not the only one having this problem. Bright colours, good quality soft fabrics and a choice in design are all something that you should be able to find, but often can’t.

An answer to this could be to manufacture and design your own range. There are many manufacturers all across the world who are experts in maternity clothing of all kinds, including active and gym wear. If you have a good idea of what you would like, and maybe have indulged in designing some key looks, Sewport can put you in contact with many reputable manufacturers, both national and international, in order to bring your ideas or designs to fruition. You simply have to fill in a quick and simply enquiry form that is then processed and passed on to relevant agencies – factories, manufacturers, freelance designers, pattern makers, basically anyone who could help to make your ideas a reality. You can then communicate with chosen vendors to get the fine details in place and start your process. You can source pretty much every service and material you need through the Sewport system, and all for a very quick, free sign up.

An Online Presence

If you already have an online presence, maybe in the form of a blog or a popular Instagram account with a focus on clothing, then the next step could be to add an online shop to your site or account.

In addition, if you have a blog that already focuses on some element of pregnancy, health or fitness, or even has a fashion element, a shop looking at something like maternity active wear could be a niche area where you are able to address a clear need and fill what is currently a gap in style and taste. There would also be a very good fit for any mommy blogs out there, particularly if your particular field is pregnancy or the early years of childhood. An Etsy shop is another alternative, already proving very popular for small businesses and start ups.