May Charity Shop Finds

May was a brilliant month for fans of Charity Shops. After reopening in April, it seemed like the whole world had sorted their wardrobes during lockdown, and so there were rich pickings in pretty much every department. I went on a few trips further afield to check out their charity shops, including Kings Heath, Harborne and Tamworth. There I was able to pick up clothes, books and accessories.

Charity Shops are a great way of keeping your wardrobe sustainable, you are not adding to the piles of clothing waste that is made every year, but instead choosing something preloved thus preventing it ending up in landfill. If you donate your own unwanted clothes too, you are not only taking part in the recycling cycle, but are also helping a charity to raise much needed funds. This is more true than ever in 2021 with the lockdown leading to shops being shut for over 4 months, more in some cases and areas.

Things to look for in charity shops? For me, I look for good labels, vintage finds and costume jewellery. Currently I’m obsessed with all things pink, particularly pink jewellery, and I’ve been able to pick up some great bracelets and bangles for a few quid. I found a great Miss Selfridge blazer for £5.95 and have been wearing it to death in May, when the weather was so changeable, and a couple of gorgeous vintage Babycham glasses, which I’ve added to my gin trolley.

I’ve also become addicted to the Oxfam bookshops, that always have a great selection. The lovely Penguin classics were in store in Kings Heath, and I also loved the Ann Cleeves book as I always read her Vera books and this is in a similar vein. The Murder in Midsummer book is actually in store now, but I was able to pick it up for just 50p – an absolute bargain.

Here are some of the other bargains I saw in stores, or picked up for myself last month.


Shoes and Accessories



My Finds

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