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Men’s New Season With Helloice

A new season brings new style, and Helloice has a great range of new season looks that are definitely inspired by celebrity style from the likes of Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. Men’s style, in both fashion, jewellery and accessories, has become more flamboyant on the red carpet in recent times, and this is definitely reflected in the Spring/Summer new season looks, where shirts have moved on from simple, white button thru designs, and earrings for men are definitely back in vogue.

So what should you be looking for in men’s fashion in 2023?

Printed Shirts

Men’s shirts are always a news story, whether they be as the ultimate in work wear, or smart for a Saturday night out. But this season, style is moving away from those simple block colours that usually mean black and white, and are also moving away from the buttoned up, preppy styles that have dominated in recent years.

Today’s shirts take their cues from Harry Styles. They feel gender fluid and flamboyant, and often feature an array of colours and bright patterns. Yes, the printed shirt is back and it is more outrageous than ever. A zip may replace the traditional buttons, or the shirt could be worn with buttons open, either way, this is a very sexy, fluid look that your dad is sure to not approve of!

Hoop Earrings

The 1980’s were the last heyday of men wearing earrings, as the New Romantic era took hold and  glamorous make up and jewellery for both men and women was the look for the beautiful people. Now it seems that mens hoop earrings are back with a vengeance. Justin Bieber has been seen with small huggy style diamond hoops, whilst Jamie Foxx has worn this tiny style on the red carpet. Even sports stars are adopting this style, with Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts often spotted wearing a pair actually on the field of play, certainly elevating the basic sports kit.

You can wear your hoops as big as you want, and in classic gold or with a more embellished look. The choice is up to you.

Franco Chains

If earrings aren’t quite your thing, but you want to embrace the new jewellery trends, then you could opt for a Franco chain. This is a piece of jewellery that you can wear every day, as you could hide it under your t-shirt if you work in an environment where jewellery is not appropriate.

Franco chains come in all levels of thickness and length, making them a choice that will suit most people.


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