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Men’s Summer Jewellery Trends 2023

Yesterday we looked at some of the current jewellery trends for women with Jeulia, today we turn our attention to the men in our lives with current key pieces from Helloice. Summer is a season where many men adopt some form of jewellery wearing, particularly during festival season, where more boho style pieces suit the casual festival vibes.

Helloice has a brilliant fashion jewellery range aimed at the men in your life, with styles that range from hip hop style bling, to more subtle pieces that would work for everyday wear.  They also have prices that are affordable, making them a great destination if you are looking at finding a gift for a loved one.

Here are some of their trends for Summer 2023.

A Cuban Link Chain

If were being honest, a Cuban link chain is a design classic when it comes to men’s jewellery, one that never really goes out of fashion, and, this season, due to their versatility and style, they are once again the chain of choice for male necklace wearers.

This season the trend is being worn by the usual suspects of Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet, but also by a new style icon on the block. The gorgeous Jack Grealish has worn a whole army of female fans with his floppy hair and cut smile, but he is also setting trends when it comes to fashion, particularly with his love of layering chains.

You can get a similar look at Helloice by layering your cuban chain with a longer rope style, or adding a pendent for extra interest.

Moissanite chains

If you want to layer your chains but add an element of interest in the form of some sparkle and bling, then adding  moissanite chains into the mix is the perfect way to do this. Simply swap one of your plain metallic chains for a diamond inspired effort. Moissanite is described as having more brilliance, more lustre and more fire than an actual diamond, but it is also a fraction of the price of diamonds, making this brilliant in our more savvy saving era.

Jared Leto, Pete Davidson and Billy Porter have all been known to rock diamond necklaces on the red carpet, this is your way of getting that style in your own wardrobe.

Black earrings

Earrings are a great way to embrace jewellery but in a more subtle way. So many celebrity males opt for the classic diamond stud, from Justin Bieber, to Cristiano Ronaldo, right through to Lewis Hamilton, who is rarely seen without his studs.

This season, why not turn the diamond stud trend on it’s head by opting for a black stone? The latest trend is for black earrings for men, and these make a really stylish alternative to the diamond stud. Justin Bieber has already been spotted wearing this trend, and you could further push the boundaries by opting for a pyramid style stud.



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