Mifuko Handmade Baskets Are A Work Of Art And Hearts

I love fashion and I love to buy new bags, but have to be honest that buying new things does make me feel guilty. We are so conscious of the effects of fast fashion, of items that go to landfill and the treatment of some of the workers who make our clothes and accessories, that shopping for new items is not without it’s problems. Which is why shopping with a brand like Mifuko is such a fabulous experience.

Mifuko is the home of beautiful, one of a kind baskets. They combine Finnish design with  traditional Kenyan artisan techniques that create fashion items and homewares that are stunning in their elegance and also insanely practical. Their bags and baskets are made from sisal and food-grade plastic that’s handwoven by female makers in Kenya using traditional methods.

The bags are all created by women, skillful artisans whose earnings empower them to be self-sufficient, which also brings significant benefits to small local communities. The products are 100% fair trade @WFTO. Each purchase of a Mifuko product contributes to a positive and sustainable change.

I am in love with Mifuko products. They have stunning style, and are also practical and hardwearing. My bag is the MEDIUM SHOULDER BAG WITH THICK WHITE AND YELLOW STRIPES which retails at 82 euros. It is a medium sized shopping bag with long leather shoulder handles. I love the fact that although it resembles a straw summer bag, it is actually fine on the beach as it can soak up a little bit of water.

The bag is really easy to use, once it arrives, you simply push it into shape and fill it. It is surprisingly roomy and I love the fact that it sits on the floor without falling over, a failing of many Summer bags. Each bag contains a label that gives you the name of the person that has created the bag, a really lovely personal touch, and the fact that they are also hand washable, and wipe clean for small stains, is a real bonus.

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