Minority Report: A Thought Provoking Tour De Force

Imagine a world where all violent crimes could be stopped before they ever happened, and future criminals never had the chance to make their violent thoughts a reality. This is the thought provoking premise of Minority Report, a Philip K Dick short story that become a hit film starring Tom Cruise, and is now a brilliantly creative piece of theatre that had its press review at the Birmingham Rep last night. Actor David Haig has adapted the story to create an intense, at times electric piece of fast paced theatre that leaves you on the edge of your seat. It is terrifying and brilliant in equal measures.

Jodie McNee in Minority Report. Photo by Marc Brenner.

Julia, along with her husband George, developed a precrime unit, where ‘precogs’ could recognise violent offenders before they actually carried out the act due to insertion of chips within the brain. This meant that all violent crime could be stopped, and potential criminals locked away, to ensure safety. Julia did this after the unsolved murder of her sister, but some members of society, like the disadent Fleming believe that we should all be allowed our own personal thoughts, as thoughts are not necessarily acted on, especially violent ones. Julia doesn’t believe this, but when the precogs report that she is a potential future murderer, all that she holds dear is cast into serious doubt, and to protect herself, she has to go on the run, trying to outrun her very own system – to prove herself innocent, she has to prove the pre-crime unit and methods are seriously flawed. In an exhilarating 90 minutes, we follow her journey and the horrifying truths it uncovers.

Nick Fletcher, Xenoa Ledgister-Campbell and Jodie McNee in Minority Report. Photo by Marc Brenner.

Julia is an incredible lead character, played with intensity and stridency by the brilliant Jodie McNee. Her transformation, from an elegant , forceful and confident leader, to a woman forced to question everyone and everything she believes in, is masterful. She is ably supported by a talented cast including Nick Fletcher as downtrodden husband George, Nicholas Rowe as Ralph, Julia’s lifelong friend and precrime supporting politician and Roseanna Frascona as Ana, a trafficked woman who shares her thoughts of murder that she never acted on. Tanvi Virmani as Julia’s AI assistant is a real scene stealer, injecting humour into what could a purely bleak, Dystopian nightmare.


Minority Report is a brilliantly inventive piece of theatre, the sets are incredible and the lighting also adds to the feeling of a futuristic world where Big Brother is always watching you. It stays with you long after you have left the theatre.

Minority Rep

Until 6th April Birmingham Rep

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