Miss Selfridge A/W preview – choose your era!

The Arcadia press day was a great showcase for the new collections from Miss Selfridge. Rather than choosing to focus on just one fabulous era, Miss Selfridge has chosen to take great elements from many different decades in order to create a treasure trove of a new collection for Autumn/Winter 2011/12. Prepare to be dazzled!

There are heavily embellished flapper style dresses with art deco styling that evoke the 1920s, pretty floral teadresses from the 1940s that are bought bang up to date by being styled with colour clashing shoes. 1950s style turbans a la Grace Kelly add grown up glamour and sophistication to both day wear and evening wear, while pretty, but classic mini dresses conjure up the picture of Twiggy, all long sleeves and flared skirts, in her 1960s glory.

There are some stunning vibrant colours in this collection. A bright purple mini dress with sheer sleeves catches the eye, whilst the 1970s inspired camel shade is still going strong, mixed into animal prints and worn with mustard, as well as primary shades.

This collection contains some stunning evening wear. There are Marilyn Monroe style lame dresses, 1980s bodycon maxis in stretchy fabrics and full length beaded dresses that will be the must have dress for the festive season. accessories are also super stylish with a glam retro feel. Fur tippets that are draped around shoulders, cloche hats similar to those worn by Elizabeth Bowes Lyon in the early 1920s. T-Bar shoes enhance all the clothing, becoming a wardrobe must have.

Stunningly beautiful, evoking Hollywood grown up glamour, this is a very different collection from Miss Selfridge, one full of must have pieces that will add sparkle and style to any wardrobe.

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