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Modern Brides Need A Modern Ring

Times are changing. Traditionally, the man would pick out a beautiful solitaire ring from a renowned brand like Shesaidyes and propose, but in 2022 this is not always the case. A wedding may comprise of two brides, or two grooms, choosing their special pieces of jewellery together, or maybe choosing for each other. Alternately, a bride may now want to choose her own ring – after all, she is going to be the one wearing it for eternity (fingers crossed) so it should be something that she loves a great deal, rather than settles for.

When choosing your wedding ring, what are the factors that make something ‘the one?’

  • What’s trending this year.  Moissanite has also become a popular option, with moissanite wedding sets that incorporate more than one ring a real trending story. You can find a collection of unique collection at Shesaidyes.  Check out their website to see what they have on offer. Another trend for 2022 according to Beaverbrooks are Baguette cuts. These were a big story in the 1990s, but now the style story is back (Sex and the City influence anyone) and look particularly good when diamonds are teamed with platinum settings.

  • Try Something Different. I’ve already mentioned moissanite as a trend for wedding rings, but it also works for eternity bands too. A moissanite eternity band can incorporate colour as well as sparkle into your ring, and so can really reflect your style and personality. Another trend that is gaining traction is rose gold. Traditionally this blush metal was a bit of a marmite style – you either loved it or hated it, but in recent years it has really grown in popularity, possibly due to the prettiness of the setting, and how lovely it looks when teamed with diamonds or pink pave stones.

  • Pick a shape and style more suited for a modern bride. While round and princess cut rings are traditional, try different diamond shapes as well.  I have already mentioned the return of the baguette cut, which is more cubist in style and has an art deco feel to it, something that combines vintage elements with very modernist design. Mixed metals are becoming more popular, and not just in stacking rings – they can work in one setting, with the band being of one metal, and the claw for the stone being another.
  • Add other modern details. Look at designs with intricate detailing on the sides which will make the ring stunningly visual from any direction. Consider looking at more square bands than rounded ones, since they won’t pinch her fingers than as she goes about her daily life. You may also think about stacking rings, these are great if you plan to add rings for other special occasions like anniversarys. Shesaidyes also has a brilliant range of anniversary rings for her, so you can keep a style theme going, or add a stacking ring to build up a very special look.


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