Money Saving Tips For Autumn

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Well, that’s it. The 1st of September is here and we are now officially into Autumn. And this is an Autumn that is, quite frankly, looking bleak for many of us, with constantly rising fuel costs and household bills. Making savings is going to be hard, so any that we can make will be vital to getting through the year without living beyond our means. There are always ways to save money, things we can do differently in order to be more careful and to look out for the pennies.

Here are some things you can be looking at now.

Check out your insurances

Home and content insurance, car insurance, specific appliance insurance, these are all things that class as essentials but can be something we can save money on. The key is to shop around, to not necessarily stick with one provider just because you have always used them. Protect Your Family is a site that offers easy to use comparison tools that can save you money for every part of your family life. You can use this site to get the best possible deal, and as it is totally independent you know that you will be receiving impartial advice.

Check out when all your insurances are up for renewal, and then use the Protect Your Family site to save some funds.

Watch Your Shopping

It is too simplistic to say that you need to swap your shopping to one of the budget supermarkets. The truth is that, once again, shopping around is the key. Look for all the special offers, multibuy deals, bigger value packs that can be frozen, all the different ways you can save money. My mom is a case in point, she only shopped at one supermarket for everything (in her case Morrisons) because it just seemed to be easier, more convenient. Now she does her shopping at a range of places, getting toiletries from Savers, most food from Aldi and Lidl, backed up with buys from Herron and Poundland. She has saved significantly on her buys, and could save even more by moving away from branded names. Remember, when it comes to furniture and home furnishings, you can also look to getting free stuff from sites like Lespac, where people advertise things that they want to get rid of, often giving it away to anybody who will collect.

Switch Off!

One of the ways I’ve started to (hopefully) cut down on energy costs is by actually switching things off rather than leaving them on standby. My TV, lamps, Sky Box and kettle are all switched off at the socket now, rather than being left plugged in and powered. I charge my mobile for a hour before I go to bed and then unplug it, this is rather than leaving it on overnight.

Shut doors to keep rooms warm, turn off lights when you are leave the room (and make sure any teenagers you have in the house are not leaving Blackpool illuminations across your house as they go from room to room. Why be paying for something you don’t need to be using?

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