More Dating In The New Normal

The last few months have been a long hard slog for us all, but especially for those who live alone. Social distancing has seen many people, of all ages, forced to spend long periods of time alone, not able to see friends and loved ones apart from at a distance. It has led to many people using innovative ways to stay close to loved ones, including using apps like Zoom and Whatsapp in order to enjoy face to face chats with people in a virtual sense, if not a real one.

The lockdown has also seen a lot of new rules when it comes to dating. Online dating sites like have seen a rise in those joining, with some people who may not have considered it an option before now realising that you could start a virtual friendship that could develop into something more online. The rise experienced by the Hampshire dating site  has many reasons behind it, from looking to escape loneliness through companionship, to genuinely trying to find something positive in such a strange, weird situation. There are also people who had already started dating just before lockdown, who were then forced to rethink their courtship in light of the fact that all areas available for traditional dates were now closed and out of bounds.

But all this is about to change once again. Today, Boris Johnson announced that single people who live alone can now meet another person (or household) in their home as part of a social bubble, with this also including overnight stays. It also means that two people who are dating and in a relationship can now meet in each others homes, rather than having to meet outside in a socially distanced public place. Boris Johnson said the measures were a “targeted intervention” to help those who are most lonely and they certainly spell good news for couples who have been dating virtually since March.

Despite this, those new couples should still be exercising caution when it comes to meeting up in person.Ultimately, if you have not actually met your date in person, a socially distanced walk or picnic in a public place may still be the best option whilst testing the waters, and hopefully, with a couple more weeks (maybe by the 4th July although 22nd June has also been mentioned) you may be able to actually meet and enjoy a drink in a beer garden, or enjoy some food outdoors.

If however, you are feeling as horny as hell (and there must be so many people who are), you may decide to move forward and meet inside. If this is the case, use the same precaution that you would in other times, let somebody know exactly where you are and who with, make sure your mobile phone is left switched on, and, if it does progress, use a condom, there’s no point in protecting yourself from Covid 19 if you leave yourself in danger of catching something else.

Isn’t it nice though, to finally see an end to this time on the horizon.

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